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When Emma Marks, founder of Mums Lounge (and Managing Director of Mum Media Group), made her foray into motherhood, like many new mums, she turned to the internet for parenting information and advice.  What she found there though, surprised her.

“The information was very sterile and I felt as though I was viewed differently now that I was a parent. It was almost as if my life was now expected to revolve solely around my children. I felt as though I wasn’t expected or encouraged to have any interests of my own outside of bringing up my family.  I found it very frustrating.  I felt like screaming “I’ve had a baby not a frontal lobotomy!” 

In 2010 Emma decided to create a lifestyle website for the women of Australia that addressed this, and Mums Lounge was born.

Besides providing readers with up-to-date parenting information, at Mums Lounge you’ll also be able to indulge in your other interests;

Just like you, our writers have little people but they also have BIG personalities! They are honest, candid and quite often hilarious! Don’t miss Jolene’s Mumbo Jumbo’s warts and all take on life as a mum of 3, Zoe Sheridan Unplugged as she takes us on a whirlwind adventure and gives us a peak into life as a celebrity mum, or The Screen Queen as she shares her hilarious recaps on our favourite reality TV shows.

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