Joan Rivers Mansion To Be Gutted By New Owner. But what about the ghost?

The new owner of Joan Rivers‘ lavish New York City penthouse is none other than a saudi prince. The prince has big plans for the house but the building’s residents are not impressed.

Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, 65, bought the palatial pad for the asking price of $US28 million ($39 million).
The prince, however, is not a fan of the home’s Versailles-inspired features, which include crystal chandeliers, five fireplaces, gilded walls and a sweeping staircase where Rivers loved to make dramatic entrances during her famous dinner parties.
Bin Fahd immediately after buying the property, brought in an architect and designers, sources told The New York Post.
“They were here a week after Ramadan,” which ended July 17, to start work on a gut renovation, one source said.


The residents in the building may not be the only ones that will have an objection to the gutting of this palatial home.

Joan Rivers reportedly shared her home with a not so friendly ghost called Mrs. Spencer. who was JP Morgan’s niece and the original owner of the home.
In a 2009 episode of the TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories, Rivers said the pesky spirit was less than welcoming when she moved in 25 years ago and started renovating.
“It was just very strange,” Rivers said on the show. “The apartment was cold. I could never get any of my electrical things to work correctly.”
Even Rivers’ dog was spooked.
“Spencer was very angry,” Rivers said she eventually realised.
“She was still, in her mind, the grande dame of the building. She did not like what was being done with the house.”

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Joan Rivers had brought in a voodoo priestess, who performed a ceremony involving chanting and drumming.
The ghost seemed to be finally appeased when the Rivers hung a portrait of Mrs Spencer in the building lobby and left flowers for her in the home’s ballroom.

The son of the late King Fahd —  Prince bin Fahd will likely need the building’s permission to bring contractors in.
Joan Rivers — who was born in New York  died at age 81 after a supposedly routine endoscopy last September.



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