5 Quick & Easy Ways To Make Sight Words Fun!

If you have a little one in Prep then you’re no doubt used to having sight words sent home from school each night. And it really is so, so important that kids learn their sight words. It’s a big part of what is going to make them capable and confident readers in the future. Only problem is… the same old sight word routine can get incredibly boring (for both you and your little one!). So, we’ve got 5 quick and easy ways to make sight words fun.

Icy-Pole Sticks

Place two icy-pole sticks side by side and write have your child write their sight words onto the sticks (you may need to give them a hand with this!). Once you’ve written down each of the words, randomly place all of the icy pole sticks onto the floor. Ask your child to move the icy-pole sticks so that each of the sight words are back together correctly. Keep the icy-pole sticks and re-use them each night during the week, adding more and more sight words as you go.


Image: This Reading Mama

Go Fishing

Cut out 5-10 fish shaped pieces of cardboard. Have your child write one sight word on each fish. Attach a paper clip to the top of each fish. Using a fishing rod made of a stick, string and a small magnet, have your child pick up each sight word as you read them out. Continue adding to the game with new sight words.


Image: Education.com

Magnetic Letter Word Search

Buy a packet of magnetic letters from your local discount store. Set up a word search using your child’s sight words. Have them identify and locate their words in the word search.


Image: No Time For Flash Cards

Sight Word Bingo

This is a great game to play with the whole family. Get an A4 piece of paper for each player and draw up a 3X3 chart. Write a range of sight words in the boxes (use different words on each players card). Have one person pick the sight words out of a box and read them aloud. Each player places a counter (or a piece of cereal) on top of the sight words they have as they are called out. The first player to cover all of their words is the winner.


Image: The B Keeps Us Honest

Playdough Words

Place a list of your child’s sight words next to them. Have them roll and make each word out of play dough. This is a great activity for kinaesthetic learners!


Image: Teachers Pay Teachers

We hope you love these super simple ways to teach sight words. Do you have any other great ideas to share?


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