Firass Dirani doesn’t look like this anymore.

Firass Dirani is probably best known as the clean- cut father of three on the top rating show House Husbands.

However the new photo he posted of himself on Instagram is in stark contrast. He’s got us all wondering exactly what his new role may be.

Firass cuts a mean figure in his full tattooed sleeves and artwork around his neck. He looks menacing yet still devilishly handsome.

Firass did not give any further insight into what the new project may be. He simply posted the enigmatic sentence- Welcome to the next episode. Underbelly, perhaps?

Firass who won Bachelor of the Year in 2010 has been single for five years while throwing himself into the role of  Justin Baynie on Channel Nine’s House Husbands and is currently in Melbourne filming its fourth season.

There was speculation he was dating kaftan queen Camilla Franks when they were caught getting close at a party together on New Year’s Eve.


‘We may or may have not (kissed at midnight),‘ he said at the time, before quickly downplaying any romantic connection.

‘It was just friends and we went to a party together and that was it. We’re just good friends and had a really good New Years.’

The pair have been friends for 12 years even attending acting school together.
The handsome actor let us in on more on the speculated romance, explaining the reason behind his secrecy.
‘We’re still getting to know each other, and that’s what it should be about – nothing else,’ he told OK!. ‘I just feel that sometimes you’ve gotta protect yourself and what’s sacred.’

Time will tell whether these two are more than just friends.
In the meantime we can all look forward to a tattooed Firass gracing our screens in the near future!


Photos from Instagram and Google images






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