Georgia Love May Have Already Scored A Hosting Gig at Channel Ten

georgia love

Georgia Love May Have Already Scored A Hosting Gig at Channel Ten

Georgia Love looks like she has won a position at Channel 10 now that The Bachelorette is over.

Love was working as a newsreader in Hobart before quitting her job to be on the reality show, and has been slotted in to present and be a panellist on Ten’s morning show Studio 10 over the coming weeks.

“I gave up work to do The Bachelorette which was a huge decision for me,” the 28 year old presenter said.  “I worked extremely hard to get the job that I had and to have a career. So to decide to do that was massive, but it was a life-changing moment and I went for it.”

There was speculation that the former Win TV personality might score a role on The Project or take on a role as a Network Ten Melbourne newsreader.

Georgia and her mum, Belinda Love

It’s been a tough week for Love, who farewelled her mother Belinda last Friday at a private funeral in Melbourne. Love now hopes to raise awareness about finding a cure for pancreatic cancer, which has a very low survival rate.

“I hope my family’s gut-wrenching loss can create some awareness of the brutal disease that is pancreatic cancer,” she said on social media.



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