Kylie and Kris Jenner- Who Wore it Better?

Kylie Jenner has been stretching out her 18th birthday celebrations for as long as she can. She’s currently in Mexico at Casa Aramara with older sister Kendall and a few other friends living it up beach side!

The youngest of the Jenner clan paid homage to her mother Kris Jenner when she sported a thigh high, neon pink swimsuit which is reminiscent of the 80’s workout leotards. Think Jane Fonda work out videos!

It’s so reminiscent in fact, that it IS the SAME swimsuit that her mum wore in Acapulco 26 years ago.
Kris Jenner was wearing Kylie’s ‘Body Glove’ swimsuit long before she was born. Take a look at her instagram photo:

59 year old Kris Jenner called out her daughter for stealing her swimsuit by posting a photo on her Instagram account and threatened to ground her for taking it without her permission. All in jest of course!


Kylie’s been no stranger to a high leg, 80s inspired swimsuit this holiday. In fact she’s so comfortable with showing off the super high thigh, that she was spotted pulling up the bathing suit as far as it would go.
Ouch, wedgie much?

Who do you think wore the swimsuit better? Kris or Kylie?


Images courtesy of Kris Jenner’s Instagram account and Brian Prahl Splash News





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