16 Pictures of Random Kid-Related Shenanigans That Will Make You Chuckle

16 Pictures of Random Kid-Related Shenanigans That Will Make You Chuckle

It’s a well-known fact that kids are hilarious. And frustrating and inspiring and joyful and irritating and amazing. All of the things. But they really are hilarious as they grow up learning, misunderstanding and interpreting things through their non-filter-having little brains, leaving us more mature human beings in stitches.

Here are sixteen examples of kids doing funny things that are sure to leave you with a smile at the very least.

1. “My 4-year-old thinks he’s a ninja so my wife took a “before” picture and showed him. He absolutely thinks he’s completely invisible in front of our black appliances”

2. I bet the preschool teachers weren’t expecting this little guy on dress up day!

3. “Our dog peed on our new couch. My 6-year-old daughter documented the events, including my reaction”

4. Looks like Cousin Itt has escaped again

5. “My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: My son in the background.”

6. Somedays it’s just like that.

7. This little girl looks like a mum that regrets all her life decisions

8. These kids were asked to dress up as elves for their school play. One kid dressed up as Elvis.

9. Hey, he’s in shape. Round is a shape.

10. Can’t blame a kid for being honest, right?

11. “Little sister was invited to the “princess party”. But she wanted to be a puppy”

12. Well, she’s probably not wrong…

13. The bunny’s face though

14. This was just asking for trouble, honestly

15. Boy howdy, this kid is smart!

16. “I asked for art for my new apartment this Christmas. May I present “butterflies”, a painting from my nieces made entirely with their butt cheeks. Lovely!”

I don’t know about you, but those BUTTerflies are pure genius!! What a fab idea!

Which one was your favourite?


Source: Bored Panda


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