The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating

We all love a birthday cake that looks amazing, right? At some stage or another, most of us have oohed and ahhed over pretty piping, gorgeous swirls and oh-so-beautiful icing. The only thing is, piping a cake can be an incredibly time consuming and delicate operation! And that’s not even taking into account the horrors that can arise using fondant. Ugh… I really do NOT like fondant. If you’re after a cake that looks amazing, but without all the time and effort, then this post is just what you need! Be inspired by these simple cake decorating ideas. You’ll wow your guests, look like a total pro (and no-one will know just how easy it was!).

Kit Kats and M&Ms

To make this showstopper, all you’ll need is a few packets of Kit Kats and a family sized bag of M&Ms. Spread store-bought frosting over the entire cake, ‘stick’ the Kit Kats to the side and gently sprinkle over the M&Ms. Add a few extra M&Ms at the bottom of your cake to cover up any frosting spills. How easy is that!?

smarties kit kat cake

Image: Livin’ The Pie Life

Cookies and Choc Chips

You don’t need to know anything about cake decorating to pull off this masterpiece. Again, buy a tub of store-bought frosting and cover the entire cake in it. Buy a packet of chocolate chip cookies and place them around the sides and on the top. Sprinkle over some chocolate chips for the final touch.


Image: Kelly Luna


This is quite possibly the best way to cover up any mistakes! Nevermind if you have lumps, bumps, or even chunks missing. Slather over pre-made frosting and then cover the entire cake in sprinkles. It looks gorgeous and yet requires virtually no effort whatsoever…. and who doesn’t love that!!?


Image: The Daily Meal



Mmm one of our favourite treats would have to be Maltesers. Cover your cake in chocolate frosting and then decorate with Maltesers. You can go for a perfect look (like in this cake), or just pop the Maltesers on here, there and everywhere. Either way, it’s going to look great and taste amazing!


Image: All Day Chic


Maltesers and Finger Biscuits

For a yummy variation, ‘stick’ finger biscuits to the side of a frosted cake and then cover the top with Maltesers. Double chocolate… it doesn’t get much better than that!

maltesers choc fingers cake

Image: Pinterest

What other easy decorating ideas could you add to our ‘lazy girl’s guide to cake decorating’?



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