Mum Shocked To Discover Toddler Ordered A $400 Couch Online !

Mum Shocked To Discover Toddler Ordered A $400 Couch Online !

There’s no denying kids these days are super tech savvy! I mean if you’re having a problem with something on your phone or computer the best thing you can do is give it to your child to fix. Seriously, I know my kids can troubleshoot any issues that come up with my tech devices- they have literally saved me hundreds of dollars!

So it should come as no surprise to hear a story of a toddler who managed to order a couch off Amazon and have it delivered promptly to the family’s front door the next day.

Isabella McNeill was shocked to hear a knock at the door one morning only to discover her  toddler accidentally ordered a $400 couch on Amazon!

The poor mum had no idea until she got a notification on her phone alerting her to the couch’s arrival. “I thought, ‘Did I buy a couch in my sleep?”” she wondered.

That’s when she figured out that giving your toddler your phone to play with isn’t such a great idea! You see her 2 year old had managed to click on the Amazon page and order the couch including delivery all while her mum was distracted doing something else – probably trying to drink her coffee in peace!

Amazon tufted gray couch
Sure the toddler probably knew his way around a phone, but the mum soon realised that she had most likely left a tab open while browsing for couches earlier in the day. And with Amazon’s ‘handy’ 1-click ordering feature it didn’t take long for the couch to be on it’s merry way!
Unfortunately, returning the couch turned out to be a real pain and extra expense so the mum decided to advertise it for $300 on OfferUp, hoping a new buyer would ‘willingly’ purchase the chesterfield sofa.


Stories of kids buying things online isn’t a rare phenomenon. Especially when parents are quick to throw their kids a phone to keep them quiet for a few moments while they regain their sanity. In 2013, a baby got a hold of her dad’s mobile, ended up on eBay, and somehow bought a 1962 Austin Healy Sprite. Yep.. a baby bought a CAR!

In 2016, Felicity Sadler-Kean said that while leaving her phone unattended, her 1-year-old daughter managed to purchase a “space hopper” toy, a 39-lb. bag of brown rice, 12 jars of peanut butter, 48 lbs. of teddy bear stuffing, and a Justin Bieber cutout. Classic! Love it!

We have one word for all parents out there…PASSWORD! Please put a password on your phones to stop unwanted packages appearing on your front doorsteps! Hahaha!

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