New Mum Finds Decomposing Bandages in Her Vagina 7 Weeks After Giving Birth

New Mum Finds Decomposing Bandages in Her Vagina 7 Weeks After Giving Birth

A new mother from the UK has made a horrific discovery seven weeks after giving birth to her son.

Alexandra Loredana thought something was amiss after welcoming baby Dominic in January. She knew that it would take some time to recover from the experience but as a first-time mum, her normal-metre wasn’t yet up to speed.

After dealing with a “terrible smell” in addition to thrush, “light vaginal wounds,” and just an overall uncomfortable feeling in the two months since giving birth, something just seemed a little off.

Unable to get an early doctor’s appointment or convince her midwife to take her concerns seriously, Alexandra timidly opted to see what was going on down there for herself.

“Last night I had a bath for the first time and I felt courageous enough to wash with my fingers inside my vagina to clean it,” she told BBC News.

“I was breathless when I took out a large piece of decomposing material from inside me that smelled horrible and was soaked in blood. How did this happen?”

Oh my goodness, that poor mum. I can only imagine the horror she must have felt pulling that out.

Alexandra immediately took herself back to the Berkshire hospital where she delivered her baby to seek further medical attention and no doubt a couple of answers.

Ms Loredana said she initially explained to her midwife how she felt uncomfortable going to the toilet and that something smelled terrible. But instead of taking her complaint seriously, her midwife checked her stitches and said ‘everything was fine’.

The new mother said she was unable to get an appointment with her local doctor’s clinic for another few weeks.

Now, it might surprise you, but I am not a doctor, nurse or in any medical field at all. My first aid certificate was last updated in the nineties. BUT EVEN I KNOW THAT IF IT SMELLS BAD, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG. If things smelled bad while she still had stitches in place, imagine how bad she smelled after nearly two months!

“For seven weeks I changed my pads more than 10 times a day. Whether I had bleeding or not I just wanted my pads to absorb the horrible smell,” the young mum explained.

A hospital trust spokesman told the BBC: “We are aware. We have started an investigation.”

The NHS Foundation Trust said it would make a further statement once it had spoken to Ms Loredana and completed an investigation into the case.

What is left of the bandage

The lesson we can all take from this mum’s story is this:

If something doesn’t seem right about your body, keep pestering your healthcare professional until they take your concerns seriously. You matter, and your healthcare is important. Don’t give up until you have gotten to the bottom of your concerns.

Source: Giphy and BBC News


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