This Woman’s Tinder Match May Be the Worst Date of All Time!

This Woman’s Tinder Match May Be the Worst Date of All Time!

That’s a pretty big call, isn’t it? The worst date of all time. Ever! What could possibly go wrong to warrant being given that massive title? A dud kisser? An argument over who is paying? A sneaky fart?

One might argue that this is much worse than all of those scenarios combined!

A UK woman called Raych has taken to Twitter to share her friend Bridget’s tale of woe, because sometimes you just can’t make this shit up.

She wrote: “When my mate asked if she’d told me about her worst first date I didnt anticipate this…”

Wow! The balls on this guy to drag a complete stranger with him to his grandmother’s funeral for the express purpose of keeping up appearances! She was entirely disposable to him, her feelings did not matter in the slightest. What if she had recently lost a loved one and the return to the crematorium triggered all those emotions in her again. He didn’t care.

You could almost feel sorry for him, thinking he was seeking some support during this sad time in his life, but she was simply a stand in for his ex-girlfriend. He even introduced her to his family as his ex-girlfriend’s name ‘Emily’!

Twitter thought it was amazing though, with Raych’s post garning a lot of attention.

What do you think? Would you make a day of it and stick around for the wake? Or would you say adios and Uber it out of there?

Source: Twitter/Raych


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