Woman Accidentally Wears Her Swimsuit Upside Down Revealing Her Goodies

Woman Accidentally Wears Her Swimsuit Upside Down Revealing Her Goodies

Yes, it’s true. This happened and there is pictorial evidence to prove it. A woman has worn her bathing suit, in public, upside down, revealing her moggy to anyone who cared to look in her direction.

The reason we know this event happened is because the owner and wearer of the upside down swimsuit complained to the swimwear company about insufficient vagina coverage and was set straight.

The woman, 20-year-old Lyndsey Brown from Scotland, was outed by her so-called friend Emma on Twitter who shared the hilarious exchange with everyone on the planet after the incident happened on holiday in Ibiza.

You can almost hear the laughter coming from the good people at Pear Swimwear after receiving Lyndsey’s message of complaint of her “vagina hanging out constantly”.

Lyndsey’s lovely friend Emma also provided a more detailed image of Lyndsey wearing her swimmers upside down, complete with aforementioned goodies “hanging out”.

It turns out that she had had a few drinks and paid a little visit to the loo, popping the asymmetrical bathing suit on upside down upon her return to the party.

Hey, she’s wearing it better than most, we have to say!

Lyndsey also provided an image of herself in the swimsuit before her mistake and she is absolutely rocking it.

She appeared to have a good sense of humour about the whole situation, though. She replied to the original post, “I swear it was on correctly when I went there. Howling I was wanting a refund on that swimsuit thinking it was faulty.”

Absolutely hilarious!

Source: Twitter


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