Woman Discovers Creepy Jar Full Of Used Tampons In Boyfriend’s Drawer!

Woman Discovers Creepy Jar Full Of Used Tampons In Boyfriend’s Drawer!

Occasionally we come across a story that is so bad it has to be read a few times to really let the magnitude of grossness sink in. A story so disturbing that it must be shared for the general good of all humanity- especially women.

The tale begins when a woman decides to do a little snooping around her boyfriend’s apartment when he isn’t there. You know, the usual cupboard opening, drawer rifling kind of thing. Not sure what she was expecting to find but our guess would’ve been something along the lines of porn, old photos, porn or even some porn.

So imagine her surprise when she finds a glass jar containing tampons in his bedside drawer. How sweet, you may say. He’s probably just keeping some on hand for girlfriends that may find themselves without anything during that time of the month. And yes, we agree, that would be sweet….expect these tampons WERE USED!

I’ll just let that sink in for a second….okay let’s continue.

The freaked out woman shared this incredulous story on Reddit where she spilled all the bloody details.

 “I was at this guy’s apartment after we had seen a movie and he went out to the store to get us some condoms, as he realized he didn’t have any,” she wrote. “I know its bad to snoop but i felt like i wanted to get to know him better…”

“Long story short, I opened the bed side table drawer next to his bed, which had a clear jar in it with four used tampons in it,” she said. “Obviously at this point I froze, trying to find a logical explanation as to why they could be there.”

Logical explanation? Logical explanation?! There isn’t one! There is no reason on this earth that a man would have a collection of used tampons in his drawers unless he was a full blown weird psychopath type with a fetish for blood.

When he got back, she confronted him. And he admitted that he STOLE the tampons from his ex girlfriend WITHOUT her knowledge or consent! Ewwwww!

The woman did what she had to do and ran for the hills but she’s been left wondering whether the ex girlfriend needs to be made aware of the fact that her used tampons are lying in a jar at her ex boyfriend’s house. Here’s what people thought she should do:
What do you think? Should the woman let the ex girlfriend know or just file this under Creepy Ex Boyfriend Stories?
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