Woman Explains Why She Chose To Go On Vacation Rather Than Attend Her Boyfriend’s Mother’s Funeral

Woman Explains Why She Chose To Go On Vacation Rather Than Attend Her Boyfriend’s Mother’s Funeral

A woman who chose to go on holidays with her mother and sisters instead of attending the funeral of her boyfriend’s mother who passed away just days before the trip, has been vilified online. Now before you exclaim how selfish she is you need to hear the whole story.

The woman in question, who is a teacher, had planned the holiday away with her mother, sister, aunt and cousin and believed that it should take priority over the funeral. She says that although as a teacher she gets a lot of time off, her other family members don’t. So it was super hard to co-ordinate everyone’s schedules in order to go away together. Plus everything had been paid for in advance – including airfares and accomodation. If she backed out last minute she would no doubt have lost a lot of money. Writing into discussion forum Reddit’s she asked the internet’s opinion on whether or not she was wrong for skipping the funeral of her boyfriend’s mother, in order to attend a family vacation.

The family are all very close- in fact much closer than what the woman is to her boyfriend’s family- whom she sees only a few times a year.

No doubt the boyfriends wanted her by his side, but as she pointed out, perhaps this would’ve ben a good time for the family to support each other.

Clearly the boyfriend was holding a grudge and said he would’ve dropped anything to be at her side in a time of need- even a holiday. Ouch! Commenters on Reddit supported the boyfriend and called out the woman for putting her needs first. Many felt she should’ve cancelled the holiday and been there to support her man.

There are always many sides to a story and there’s never a right or wrong answer in these situations. While we can see why the woman chose not to attend the funeral we can also sympathise with the boyfriend who had just lost his mother suddenly and needed his girlfriend to be there for him. It’s a tough one! What do you think? What would you have done in a situation like this?

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