Your Ultimate Guide to This Week’s Best Television


Your Ultimate Guide to This Week’s Best Television

What’s on this week? Never miss a thing with our ultimate guide to everything worth watching on Aussie TV!

As always, check your local guides for accurate programming times in your time zone.

Monday 20th February – Sunday 26th February 2017

Big Little Lies (Series Premiere) – Showcase 1pm, encore 8:30pm
Lawless Oceans (Series Premiere) – National Geographic, 9:30pm

Meet the Trumps – SBS, 7:35pm
Everest Rescue – Discovery, 8:30pm
Skyfall (movie) – 9Go, 8:30pm
Bates Motel (season 5 premiere) – Showcase, 9:30pm

Twenty20 Cricket, Australia vs Sri Lanka Game 3 – Ch9, 7:30pm
The Killing Season – Crime, 8:30pm
Crashing (series premiere) – Showcase, 9pm
The Three Day Nanny – Lifestyle You, 9:30pm

The Brit Awards 2017 – UKTV, 8:30pm
Grand Designs New Zealand (season 2 premiere) – Lifestyle, 8:30pm
Married At First Sight US (season 3 premiere) – Lifestyle You, 9:30pm
Dating Naked – Eleven, 9:30pm

Spiderman2 – 7Mate, 7:30pm
Million Pound Motors – Lifestyle, 8:30pm
The Imitation Game – Ch9, 8:30pm

Crocodile Dundee II – Ch9, 7pm
The Bachelorette Canada (season premiere) – Lifestyle You, 8pm
Jackie Brown – Viceland, 8:30pm
Horrible Bosses 2 – Ch 7, 9:30pm

Dance Moms (season 7 premiere) – Arena, 7:30pm
The Real Housewives of Sydney (series premiere) – Arena, 8:30pm
Beware the Slenderman – Showcase, 8:30pm
Last Comic Standing (premiere) – Comedy Channel, 8:30pm

The Real Housewives of Sydney premiere their first season on Sunday night. Yay!!

Monday 13th February – Sunday 19th February 2017

59th Annual Grammy Awards – Fox8, 12pm and 8:30pm
The Real Housewives of New York (Season 1, Episode 1) – 9Life, 8:30pm
Whose Line Is It Anyway Australia – Channel 10, 9pm

The EE BAFTA Awards 2017 – UKTV, 8:30pm
Travel Guides – Channel 9, 9pm
So Cosmo – E! Entertainment, 9:30pm

Gogglebox – Lifestyle, 7:30pm
Girls (season 6 premiere) – Showcase, 8:30pm
Murder Calls Australia – Channel 9, 8:40pm

A.P.B. – Fox8, 7:30pm
Gogglebox – Channel 10, 9pm
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season 2 premiere) – Eleven, 10:30pm

Twenty/20 Cricket, Australia vs Sri Lanka, game 1- Channel 9, 7:30pm
Rich Renters – Lifestyle, 8:30pm
The Blind Side (movie) – Channel 7, 8:30pm

Crocodile Dundee – Channel 9, 7pm
Diana – 7Two, 8:30pm
The Castle – Channel 9, 9pm

Twenty/20 Cricket, Australia vs Sri Lanka, game 2- Channel 9, 7pm

Gogglebox returns this week – Yay!!
Monday 6th February – Sunday 12th February 2017

Super Bowl 2017 – Channel 7, from 10am
House Husbands (season 5 premiere) – Channel 9, 9pm
Q&A – ABC, 9:30pm

Ice Wars – ABC, 8:30pm
NCIS (season 14 premiere) – Channel 10, 8:30pm
Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital – Lifestyle YOU, 9:30pm

This is Us – Channel 10, 8:30pm
The Eighties – SBS, 8:30pm
Murder Uncovered – Channel 7, 9pm
Madam Secretary – Channel 10, 9:30pm
Blindspot – Channel 7, 11pm

Dream Gardens – ABC, 8pm
Newton’s Law – ABC, 8:30pm
Trainspotting – Eleven, 9pm

First Knight – Gem, 8:45pm
Elementary (season 3 premiere) – Showcase, 8:30pm
Grimm (season 6 premiere) – Fox8, 8:30pm

Melissa Etheridge: Live In LA – Foxtel Arts, 7:30pm
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – Channel 7, 9:40pm

Back to the Future – 7Mate, 7pm
24: Legacy – Channel 10, 8:30pm
Homeland – Channel 10, 9:30pm
Black Sails (season 4 premiere) – Showcase, 9:30pm

8 part documentary series The Eighties will begin on Wednesday on SBS.
Monday 30th January- Sunday 5th February 2017

Married at First Sight – Channel 9, 7:30pm  {Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays}
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!  – Channel 10, 7:30pm {Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays}
My Kitchen Rules – Channel 7, 7:30pm  {Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays}

800 Words – Channel 7, 9pm
First Day at Big School – Lifestyle You, 9:30pm
Ink Master (Season 8 premiere) – TLC, 9:30pm

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (Season 5 premiere) – ABC, 8pm
Britains’ Royal Weddings (premiere) – UKTV, 8:30pm
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (movie) – Channel 9, 9pm
Fifty Shades of Grey (movie) – Channel 7, 9pm
Living with Quads (premiere) – Lifestyle You, 9:30pm

Billy Connolly Tracks Across America (premiere) – UKTV, 9:30pm
Home and Away (2 hour episode) – Channel 7, 7pm

Flushed Away (movie) – 9Go, 7:30pm
Married at First Sight (encore) – Channel 9, 7:30pm

Pulp Fiction (movie) – SBS Viceland, 8:30pm
The Hangover (movie) – Channel 9, 9pm

Trump’s Road to the White House – SBS, 8:30pm
Kingsman: The Secret Service (movie) – Channel 10, 8:30pm

My Kitchen Rules returns on Monday, 30th January, along with Married at First Sight.
Monday 16th January- Sunday 22nd January 2017

Not a lot at all, I’m afraid, unless you’re a cricket or tennis lover. Wait until next week though, that’s when the ratings start up again and everything will be on at once.

Call the Midwife (Season 6 premiere) – BBC First, 8:30pm
Cast Away (movie) – Channel 9, 8:40pm
Surviving Hitler: A Love Story (doc) – History, 8:30pm

Australian Of The Year 2017 – ABC, 7:30pm
Gender Revolution (doc) – NatGeo People, 8:30pm

Australia: Say Yes To The Dress (marathon screening first 6 episodes) – TLC from 4:30pm
Map of Hell (doc) – National Geographic, 6:30pm
Australia Day Concert – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Bright Lights: Starring Debbie and Carrie – Showcase, 7:30pm
State of Affairs (Season 1 premiere/pilot) – Universal, 8:30pm

Stop, Search, Seize – Channel 9, 7:30pm

KFC Big Bash BIG FINAL – Channel 10, 7pm
Grease (movie) – Channel 9, 7pm
Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes (doc) – National Geographic, 7:30pm

Bondi Rescue (Season 12 premiere) – Channel 10, 6:30pm
Australian Open Tennis: Men’s Final – Channel 7, 6:30pm
I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! (Season 3 premiere) – Channel 10, 7pm
Lethal Weapon (Season 1 premiere/pilot) – Channel 9, 8pm

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! returns on Sunday 29th January, marking the start of rating season and the chance of something good being on the telly.
Monday 23rd January- Sunday 29th January 2017

Australian Open Tennis – Channel 7, from 7pm
Close to the Enemy – BBC First, 7:25pm
Beyond (S1E1) – Fox8, 7:30pm
Eat Well For Less – Lifestyle You, 9:30pm

Running Wild with Bear Grylls – Discovery, 7:30pm
Cats vs Dogs: Which is Best? – Channel 9, 7:30pm
The Other Guys (movie) – Channel 9, 9pm
Summer House – Arena, 9:30pm

Australian Open Tennis – Channel 7, from 7pm
KFC Big Bash League – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Elizabeth at 90 – UKTV, 8:30pm
I am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story – Foxtel Arts, 8:05pm

Cricket One Day Series, Australia v Pakistan  – Channel 9, from 1:30pm
Moments of Impact – One, 7:30pm
Revenge Body with Khloe – E, 8:30pm
Red Dwarf (S11E1) – ABC2, 9:40pm

Lethal Weapon 2 (movie) – Channel 9, 8:30pm
Body Bizarre (S4E1) – TLC, 9:30pm
The Stepford Wives – Go, 9:40pm
Wahlburgers (S6E1) – Arena, 9:45pm

Muriel’s Wedding (movie) – Channel 9, 7pm
Not Without My Daughter (movie) – Gem, 7pm
The Wizard of Oz – Fox Classics, 8:30pm
Teenwolf (S6E1) – Fox8, 9:30

Cricket One Day Series, Australia v Pakistan  – Channel 9, from 1:30pm
Let It Shine – UKTV, 7:30
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Channel Ten, 7pm
House of Surrogates – ABC2, 8:30pm

elizabeth at 90
Elizabeth at 90 will screen on Foxtel’s UKTV on Wednesday evening.
Monday 9th January- Sunday 15th January 2017

Fast4 Tennis (sport) – Channel 7, 7:30pm
KFC Big Bash League (sport) – Channel 10, 7:30pm

First Dates UK (reality) – Channel 7, 7:30pm
Should We Close Our Zoos? (documentary) – SBS, 8:30pm
The Bachelor (reality) – 9Life, 8:30pm

Attenborough’s The Life of Mammals (documentary) – One, 7:30pm
The Vikings Uncovered, followed by the series return of Vikings – SBS, from 7:30pm
Stop Laughing This is Serious (comedy documentary) – ABC, 8:30pm

Grand Designs marathon – Lifestyle (Foxtel) from 6:30pm
The Ugly Truth (movie) – Channel 9, 8:30pm
Django Unchained (movie) – Channel 7, 9pm

Cricket One Day Series, Australia v Pakistan (sport) – Channel 9, from 1:30pm
Where the Wild Things Are (movie) – 9Go!, 5:30pm
Yves Saint Laurent (documentary) – SBS, 8:40pm

The Lorax (movie) – Channel 7, 7pm
Music and Lyrics (movie) – Channel 9, 7pm
KFC Big Bash League Double Header (sport) – Channel 10, from 6pm

David Attenborough’s Tiger – Spy in the Jungle (documentary) – One, 8:30pm
President Trump (documentary) – SBS, 8:30pm
Mr Deeds (movie) – Channel 7, 8:30pm

David Attenborough’s Tiger – Spy in the Jungle documentary will air on Sunday night.
Monday 19th December – Sunday 25th December 2016

Home and Away Triple Episode Series Finale – Channel 7, 7pm
Love Actually – Channel 7, 8:30pm
Craziest Christmas Lights – 7 Two, 7:30pm

KFC Big Bash League: Game 1 – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Great British Bake Off: Xmas Masterclass – Lifestyle Food (Foxtel), 8:30pm
Little Fockers – Channel 9, 8:25pm

20 to 1: Epic Fails – Channel 9, 7:30pm
Botched by Nature – E (Foxtel), 8:25pm
ABBA Christmas Day – SBS, 9:20pm

World’s Best Christmas Commercials – Channel 9, 8:30pm
The Boy Who Sees The World Upside Down – 9 Gem, 8:30pm
Jill & Jessa: Counting On – TLC (Foxtel), 9:30pm

Inception – Channel 7, 8:30pm
Red Dog – Channel 9, 8:30pm
Miracle on 34th Street – Fox Classics (Foxtel), 8:30pm

Saturday (Christmas Eve):
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Channel 10, 6:30pm
The Grinch – Channel 7, 7pm
Carols By Candlelight – Channel 9, 8pm
Aussie Christmas Lights – Lifestyle (Foxtel), 7:30pm

Sunday (Christmas Day):
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Channel 9, 7pm
Royal Variety Performance 2016 – ABC, 7:30pm
Andre Rieu: Christmas In London – SBS, 7:30pm

Cricket – The KFC Big Bash League will start on Tuesday and continue almost every night until the end of January.
Monday 12th December – Sunday 18th December 2016

Frozen Planet – Gem, 7:30pm
Louis Theroux: Extreme Love, Dementia – ABC2, 8:30pm
Secret Eats with Adam Richman – SBS Food Network, 8:30pm

First Dates UK – Channel 7, 7:30pm
We’re the Millers – Channel 9, 8:30pm
The Great Australian Bake Off Finale – Lifestyle Food (Foxtel), 8:30pm
Gaycation: Orlando Nightclub Special – SBS Viceland, 8:30pm

Jamie’s Night Before Christmas – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Gold Coast Medical – Channel 7, 8:30pm
The Kettering Incident: Series 1 Episodes 1-8 – Boxsets (Foxtel) from 6:30pm

Test Cricket: Australia vs Pakistan, Day 1, 1st Test Night Session – Channel 9 from 7pm
Back In Time For Christmas – Lifestyle Channel (Foxtel), 8:30pm

The Great Gatsby – Gem, 8:30pm
The Princess Bride – Channel 11, 8:30pm
Behind the Scenes with Barbra Streisand – Foxtel Arts, 7:30pm

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – Channel 11, 5:30pm
Frozen – Channel 7, 7pm
Fleetwood Mac: Live in Boston – Foxtel Arts from 7:30pm

Carols in the Domain – Channel 7, 8:30pm
Dude, Where’s My Car – Channel 11, 8:30pm
Michael Buble Live at the BBC – Channel 10, 9pm

The annual tradition continues with Carols in the Domain airing on Sunday evening.
Monday 5th December – Sunday 11th December 2016

Ice: The Scourge of Regional Australia – Channel 7, 7:30pm
OJ Simpson: Murder in America – SBS, 8:30pm
Louis Theroux: USA’s Most Dangerous Pets – ABC2, 8:30pm
Mariah’s World (premiere) – Universal (Foxtel), 9:30pm

Cricket One Day Series – Australia v New Zealand, Game 2 – Channel 9, from 1:30pm
Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Season 9) – 9Life, 7:30pm
First Dates UK – Channel 7, 7:30pm

Attenborough’s Life of Mammals – One, 7:30pm
Jamie’s Cracking Christmas – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Dirty Dancing – Channel 10, 8:30pm
Tp, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (season 7 premiere) – Arena (Foxtel), 2pm, encore 8:30pm

Victoria’s Secret 2016 – Channel 9, 7:30pm
David Attenborough’s Big Birds – Channel 10, 7:30pm
Inside Lego At Christmas – Lifestyle (Foxtel), 8:30pm

Cricket One Day Series – Australia v New Zealand, Game 3 – Channel 9, from 1:30pm
Better Homes and Gardens Summer – Channel 7, 7pm
ABBA: Absolute Image – 7Two, 7:30pm
BBQ Rules (premiere) – A&E (Foxtel), 7:30pm

Hairspray Live! – SBS, 7:30pm
Wreck-it Ralph – Channel 7, 7pm
Elf – Channel 9, 7pm
Freddie Fries Down Under – One, 7pm
The Great British Sewing Bee – 9Gem, 7:20pm

The Devil Wears Prada – Channel 10, 7:30
Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur – Channel 9, 8pm
The Real Housewives of Cheshire (season premiere) – Arena (Foxtel), 8:30pm
The Real 50 Shades of Grey – E (Foxtel), 7:30pm

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres it’s seventh season on Wednesday.


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