3 Bottle Wrapping Hacks That You’ll Love!

3 Bottle Wrapping Hacks That You’ll Love!

It’s one of the most awkward objects to wrap but using some of the great Christmas items I bought for my Christmas Gift Wrapping Station I have come up with three beautiful gift wrapping ideas for Cheap as Chips!

Mistletoe Reds

Big and bold and ready to make a statement!

Start with two pieces of red tissue paper at an angle to each other and place your wine bottle roughly in the centre.


Carefully gather the tissue paper up to the neck of the bottle, tucking the short ends in behind the long ends. Hold in place with a small amount of sticky tape


Repeat the process with cellophane paper.


Take one of these beautiful mistletoe Decorations ($2) from Cheap as Chips and tie onto the neck of the bottle.

Finish off with a generous red satin bow ($2.50 for 290mm)


Organic Chardonnay

 Natural and wholesome for the thoughtful drinker

Roll out some brown paper (5m for $2.50) about 40cm in length and fold the far side edge down to give a neat edge to where the paper ends. Put the bottle in just down from half way and start rolling toward the folded edge.


Run some double sided tape ($2) under the edge to give a clean sharp look bottle-wrapping-hacks-6

Tuck the bottom in and tape well!

Twist the top in and keep twisting till you can tuck the top of the bottle down.

Wrap some Jute twine ($2/3 rolls) around the neck of the bottle, add a wooden gift tag (4/ $2.50) and add a bow for flourish.


Smart and Sexy Cabernet

Sophisticated with a little bit of fun, this one is a great corporate gift!

I started with the grey toned wrapping paper 3m/$7 and rolled it the same way as the brown paper wrapping above. Tuck the bottom in and stick well.


Instead of twisting the ends leave them straight and fold the top down twice, gluing as you go.



Using some of the double sided sticky tape, glue on a candy cane, wrap in place with a ribbon and finish off with a large bow.


So using a very simple colours, you can make something simple and inexpensive you can make even the humblest bottle of wine look like a touch of luxury.

Happy Wrapping folks! (Make mine a white!)


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