The Tutu Project

When Bob Carey’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2003, he turned to his love of photography as a form of ‘self therapy’ to help him deal with his beloved wife’s diagnosis and also as a way to bring some laughter into Linda’s life during this incredibly tough time.

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Bob donned a bright pink tutu and began taking shots of himself against a variety of backdrops.  The photos of him wearing nothing but his pink tutu had the desired effect and bought a smile to Linda’s face. Linda says the photos “help me be positive, the more I laugh the better I feel.” To try and bring a little happiness to others Linda would save Bob’s tutu photos on her phone to take along with her to her treatment sessions to show the other women, make them laugh and help the time they spent in treatment go faster.

Bob and Linda’s story has touched millions of people and has been shared around the world, which led to the release in 2012 of their self published book ‘Ballerina.’  Ballerina is not just a collection of Bob’s tutu images, but it also shares funny stories about the adventures he has been on thanks to his pink tutu.

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Following the battle Linda faced throughout her journey with breast cancer, she became determined to help raise money for women and their families who need some financial support during their breast cancer journey, and to help these women, Bob and Linda have donated the net proceeds of Ballerina directly to The Carey Foundation, a non profit organisation they founded in 2012.

You can learn more about Linda and Bob’s story by visiting their website The Tutu Project.


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