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Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks Recipe My family just love chicken drumsticks, and I have to say — so do I! They are one of the cheapest cuts of meat available, you can make them a tonne of different ways, they are super easy to serve up with some oven fries and a salad, and everyone … Continued

Kentucky Baked Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Kentucky Baked Chicken Drumsticks Recipe Kentucky baked chicken drumsticks have become one of my family’s favourite meals which pleases me no end – it is cheap, tasty and quick and easy to prepare! A tick in every box. My children always make all the usual KFC references and I have to gently remind them that this isn’t one … Continued

Sticky Bourbon Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Sticky Bourbon Chicken Drumsticks Recipe This delicious sticky bourbon marinade for chicken drumsticks is the very best way to make a cheap meat option taste amazing. You can start the marinade process ahead of time – the night or morning before would be perfect! If you don’t have that much time, a couple of hours would be … Continued

Roasted Tuscan Chicken Drumsticks, Potato Wedges and Salad

Roasted Tuscan Chicken Drumsticks, Potato Wedges and Salad There is nothing like sitting down to a cheap, tasty meal that is always a hit with the whole family, and these roasted Tuscan chicken drumsticks fit that bill perfectly! These drummies have to be one of the easiest meals you’ll ever make! Just sprinkle chicken drumsticks … Continued

Best Ever BBQ Chicken Marinade Recipe

Best Ever BBQ Chicken Marinade Recipe This is the best recipe for a smoky barbeque chicken marinade ever! Use it to coat chicken drumsticks, diced chicken for kebab skewers, wings or chicken breast fillets sliced into steaks – whatever you like! I used this fabulous recipe to make chicken kebabs because that is my children’s … Continued

One-Pan Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Recipe

One-Pan Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Recipe So it would seem that you guys are HUGE fans of one-pan dishes. And particularly one-pan chicken dishes. Well I am happy to announce that this one fits the bill brilliantly.  This particular recipe is a combination of a few recipes I saw; one of which used a store-bought buttermilk ranch … Continued

Peters release a Jimmy Barnes Flavoured Drumstick

What do ice-creams and Aussie Legends have in common? Well not much, but Peters seems to think it could be a great marketing spin. The ice-cream brand has teamed up with the most unlikely of partnerships by releasing a limited edition Barnesy Drumstick as part of their Aussie Legends series of ice-creams. The Barnesy Drumstick … Continued

50 Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas

50 Sandwich Free Lunch Ideas There’s no denying that kids can be extremely fussy about what they eat. When lunches continually come home from school untouched, it can drive us parents stark raving mad. It’s not only our responsibility to ensure our kids eat nutritious food, but all parents want to minimise costs and wastage … Continued

Clever Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will LOVE

Here are some different lunch box ideas for your back to school needs! One Primary School student will eat approximately 1500 lunches before heading to High School. Are you prepared? The key to a successful lunch being eaten is a similar lunch every day but served with different snacks or nibbles. Here are 10 different … Continued

Suggestions for an Additive Free Lunch Box

Image source When it comes to school lunches, we mums can get a little overwhelmed. How much to pack? Is it healthy enough? Will he get hungry throughout the day? Reduced sugar? No nuts?. There is no wonder we can sometimes be stumped as to WHAT to put in the school lunchbox every day. For … Continued

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