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A review of ‘Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers’ by Caylie Jeffery

A review of ‘Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers’ by Caylie Jeffery

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A review of ‘Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers’ by Caylie Jeffery

‘Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers’ is a lovely collection of bite-size chapters that are just the right size to tackle as you collapse into bed after an exhausting day of looking after your cherubs. For all mothers out there who are worried that they are doing a lousy job being parents, and are convinced that they are only worthy of life-time membership in the ‘Imperfect Parents’ club, this book is definitely for you.

This is not another parenting how-to guide that will tell you, you must do things this way or else! Instead this is book is full of real experiences and the lessons learned from them. Amongst the smiles and a-ha moments there is some very practical advice and some valuable resources if you want to learn more.

Life with children brings moments of sheer and utter bliss and moments of total exhaustion and stress, it’s all part of the journey. Caylie has experienced some interesting moments, and as she describes these events, the outcomes, and what she has learned from them, I shook my head and laughed, as I have been through some of those exact same ‘wish I could fall in a hole now’ days when my children were younger. I admire her analysis of each situation after the event. Parents of really little ones should make reading this book a priority as they will benefit greatly from the sound advice shared and just might be spared from having some of those very embarrassing moments in the years ahead.

‘Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers’, is not just about the joys of life with children and the lessons Caylie has learned since becoming a parent. She shares some of her loves, trials, choices, and plans for the future. Becoming a mother does not mean that your life of choices is over. You can choose to pick a different career path that may possibly be more suited to your role as a mum rather than returning to the corporate world as your children grow. You can choose to follow a dream. Definitely food for thought as so many mums go through this exact scenario as they try to make the best choices for the future.

This book is a must-read for any mum. It will make you laugh, sigh, nod in agreement and most of all help you realise we don’t always make the right choice the first time but we can learn and grow as we move along the pathway of parenting. Looking for the perfect gift for a busy mum, this is definitely it!

Nikki Morgan is a natural therapist, author and blogger who can be found with a jumbo skinny chino or a glass of Sav Blanc in her hand as she shares inspiration and practical tips at her home online,


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