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The Best Christmas Movies You’ll Watch Again and AGAIN!

What are your favourite movies to watch at Christmas?

It’s that time of year again.

Fighting crowds for Christmas gifts, stressing about money, looking at Christmas lights, having santa photos and walking through the shopping centres with Christmas music blaring.

The best part about this time of year? Our TV screens being flooded with Christmas movies! Some of them get played year after year because they are THAT good.

Here’s a few of our favourite’s – perfect for snuggling up with the family on the couch with a slice of ice cream cake or a spicy choclate truffle!  Yum!

Home Alone Source fanpop jpg 1 024768 pixels

Image source: Fanpop

Twenty-four years ago, Macaulay Culkin starred in one of the most well-known Christmas movies, Home Alone.
His whole family forgot about him when they left for the airport to go on Christmas holidays to Paris. He was stoked as an 8 year old to have the entire house to himself, until 2 robbers target him. Its fun to watch the movie from a child’s mindset as he sets booby traps and comes up with plans to stop them from robbing his house.

Christmas Movies love actually

Image source: Universal Studios Entertainment

Love Actually is easy to watch and heart-warming, perfect for Christmas Time.

It was released 10 years ago and has played on our screens almost every year since then.

The story focuses on several relationships which turn out to be intertwined.

It is set 5 weeks before Christmas and follows the story of an ageing rock and roll legend, a newly elected Prime Minister falling in love with a member of his staff, newlyweds who discover that the best man is in love with the wife, professional body doubles who develop feelings for each other after getting kinky on set, a couple who are in love but trying to get past a language barrier, and the token married couple who get caught up in an affair.
A good one for the Mums and Dads once the kids have gone to bed!

national lampoons vacation christmas movies

Image source: Fanpop

If a cheesy movie full of laughs is what you want, look no further than National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
Clark Griswold has another amazing idea – to host the biggest and best family Christmas of all time, but a chain of disastrous events turns it into one of the worst Christmases of all time.

Between trying to accommodate his obnoxious in-laws to all of the 20,000 lights he decorated the house with turning off, its impossible not to laugh!

Their Christmas tree was too big to fit in the dining room (and ends up in flames!), the turkey disintegrates, leaving no meat for Christmas dinner.

If you want something a little different, you cant go past Batman Returns.

Batman Returns Source wikia jpg 1 8081 206 pixels

Image source: Wikia

Tim Burton’s second and last Batman movie is a flamboyant parody of Christmas movie conventions, with The Penguin preying on seasonal goodwill to become Mayor and crooked businessman Max Shreck described as ‘Gotham’s own Santa Claus.’

The most Christmassy moment, when Catwoman gets Batman where she wants him – under the mistletoe. “You know, mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it,” he warns. “But a kiss can be even deadlier… if you mean it,” she replies, licking him from chin to masked forehead.


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