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Anne Hathaway Decides To Abstain From Alcohol Until Her Son Turns 18!

Anne Hathaway Decides To Abstain From Alcohol Until Her Son Turns 18!

While parenthood leads most of us to drink, Anne Hathaway has vowed to abstain from alcohol until her son is 18 years old!

The Hollywood actress shared her decision in an episode of Ellen Degeneres where among other things she chatted about her upcoming movie Serenity. While discussing the film, the 36 year old actress told Ellen and her audience that the reason behind her alcohol-ban centres around her 2 year old son Jonathan with husband Adam Schulman.

The Oscar winner went on to say that the decision came after one particularly big night out at some rum bars with Serenity co-star Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves on the island of Mauritius.

“We drank the night away, and then I had to go to a meeting with Steven Knight, our director, the next day, and I was just kinda—have you guys ever had to go to a meeting hungover?” she asked.

“I was just kinda stumbling in with one eye open and I was trying to convince him about certain things about my character,” Hathaway recalled. “And at the end of it I said, ‘Listen, I have a confession. I was hungover the entire time.’ And he just goes, “Oh, really? I couldn’t tell’. Then two days later we had another meeting and I showed up and he said, ‘Oh, now I can tell.'”

Anne Hathaway’s son Jonathan

The experience for Anne was enough to see her swear off alcohol until her young son turns 18.  “I quit drinking back in October, for 18 years,” she revealed. “I’m going to stop drinking while my son is in my house just because I don’t totally love the way I do it, and he’s getting to an age where he really does need me all the time in the mornings. I did one school run one day where I dropped him off at school, I wasn’t driving, but I was hungover and that was enough for me. I didn’t love that one.”

Viewers had a lot to say on the subject and took to social media to voice their opinions. “I’d rather they see their parents have a glass of wine with dinner on a weekend as opposed to their introduction to alcohol being seeing their mates binge drink at a party,” one commenter said.

“If people don’t want to drink, that’s fine, but I feel like this will achieve the opposite to what she wants. Her son WILL drink one day, but he won’t have seen what it means to drink responsibly,” noted another.

“The kid can’t drive for 16 years either so is she going to give that up too? Seeing your parents drink doesn’t mean you will abuse alcohol,” observed one fan.

“My parents always drank (responsibly) at home in front of us since I can remember,” wrote one person. “For me, it made alcohol a normal thing, not something taboo I wasn’t allowed to know about therefore I wasn’t curious about and so didn’t sneak around with it.”

While Anne’s decision to give up alcohol is totally her business it does leave us wondering whether it may be a little extreme. The actress is certainly to be applauded for recognising that she doesn’t perform at her optimum while nursing a hangover but at the same time isn’t abstaining completely from alcohol giving her child the wrong message about alcohol?

Growing up, alcohol in our household was something to be enjoyed with a meal. It was never intended to be consumed in large quantities in order to get drunk. Alcohol and hangovers don’t need to go hand in hand. Perhaps instead of cutting out alcohol altogether it would be more beneficial for Anne to show her son that alcohol doesn’t need to be abused in order to be enjoyed.

What do you think?


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