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Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Suffering 3 Miscarriages In 2 Years

Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Suffering 3 Miscarriages In 2 Years

Chances are if you’re a woman you have either suffered a miscarriage or know someone that has. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking and traumatic time in any woman’s life and unfortunately it’s still a very taboo subject to talk about.

Women still whisper the word ‘miscarriage’ and quite often will avoid discussing the topic if it ever comes up. But we must talk about it. We must let women know that we understand exactly what they’re going through. That its very likely that most of the women around them have suffered a miscarriage too.

I remember after my miscarriage thinking something so horrible and painful surely wouldn’t happen to me again. But it did. Then it happened again and then again. It was only when I started talking about it that I discovered nearly all my friends had had their own heartbreaking moments of loss as well.

So when a celebrity like Carrie Underwood comes out and openly discusses suffering 3 miscarriage in 2 years it makes her so much more relatable.

Underwood, who is pregnant with her second child, recently spoke out about her fertility struggles as well as a series of miscarriages that challenged her faith. (The singer and her hubby, NHL player Mike Fisher are the proud parents of their 3-year-old son, Isaiah.)

Mike Fisher and son Isaiah

“We got pregnant in early 2017 and it didn’t work out,” the star said. “And that was the thing, in the beginning, it was like, ‘Okay, God, we know this is, just wasn’t Your timing,” Underwood added in her interview on CBS Sunday Morning, People. “And that is all right. We will bounce back and figure our way through it.”

Unfortunately Underwood suffered another miscarriage that same year with her third happening in early 2018.

“I got mad,” she admitted. “Why on Earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid? Like, what is this? Shut the door. Like, do something. Either shut the door or let me have a kid. For the first time, I feel like I actually I told God how I felt.”

As expected, her interview touched a lot of women who connected with Underwood’s story of loss and heartbreak.

We’re so happy Underwood and hubby are finally going to be blessed with their second child later this year. We wish them all the health and happiness in the world!
Images: Instagram

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal is a writer and blogger who loves nothing more than watching back to back episodes of crime shows. Should she ever find herself needing to cover up a crime, she'll know exactly what to do! Her dream is to one day live in Palm Springs where she can do her writing poolside while drinking endless gin and tonics. Mum to the cutest twin boys in the world, she loves nothing more than the sound of their laughter (usually heard when they're conspiring against her). Entertainment writer and pop culture junkie, she will be bringing you all the celebrity gossip and news that your brain can handle. You can follow her blog at and on Instagram at Chrystalovevintage

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