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Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Beauty Treatments

Celebrity Beauty Treaments

Image Source: ExtraTv

Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Beauty Treatments

We’ve all read the stories of how much money celebrities will pay to look their amazing selves, but when you break it down and look at just how far they will go to look good, its pretty scary!

If you’ve seen this particular episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you would have seen Kim get what they call a ‘Vampire Facial’. This is where blood is extracted from the patient and then re-injected into the face to rejuvenate the skin.

The procedure uses a tool called a Dermapen that contains several acupuncture-sized needles that get injected into your face causing you to bleed. The facial is meant to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres which makes your skin smoother and clearer. The procedure is now so popular that estheticians are doing 90-100 of them a month. The procedure costs $500-$600 a session and is recommended to be done every four to six months, depending on how well you already take care of your skin.

Celebrity Beauty Treatments

Image Source: Getty

Kate Middleton prepped for her wedding using a bee venom mask on her face. The bee venom is said to me a natural alternative to injectable fillers. Kate reportedly now uses the product everyday and had it recommended to her by her stepmother in law, Camilla. Kylie Minogue and Simon Cowell are also fans.

The treatment claims to rejuvenate, reduce scars, heal acne and reduce fine lines and wrinkles but at nearly $200 a jar, its pretty pricey! For $90, you can get a one off facial as a nice treat.

The treatment begins with a deep cleanse, using a collagen skin cleanser, warm water and a rough cloth to clear the make-up, dirt and oils from the skin. A collagen toner is then applied which leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Next, a concoction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids is applied, which takes the dead skin off the surface of your face and acts as a gentle skin peel. The peel is then removed with water and a neutralising agent which gives an instant cooling relief.

The bee venom is then applied and left for about 20 minutes to allow the cream to penetrate into the skin. Once it is soaked in, the rest is removed with a damp cloth. The facial is then complete,

The venom used in the facial is extracted using a small plate which is placed inside the hive. It carries a small electrical charge that doesn’t harm the bee but makes it feel threatened so that it releases venom.

Demi Moore has reportedly flown as far as Austria to let highly trained leeches suck the toxins out of her blood. Methods of beautifying the body and help the process of aging skin with the help of leeches comes from medieval times.

Celebrity Beauty Treatment

Image Source: Popsugar

Salivary glands of leeches secrete a number of substances inhibiting the process of aging skin. Lipids, free fatty acids, proteins, collagen, serotonin, testosterone and progesterone are some of this substances, which have an effect on the tension of the skin, blood circulation and oxygenation.

Leech therapy can help in dermatological diseases such as spider veins, cellulite, acne, eczema. It can brighten skin, stimulate cell renewal and remove dark circles from eyes.

On average, Leech Therapy will set you back $150-$200 per every 2 hour session.


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