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Amongst the thousands of comments were a few questioning the star over her choice to feed Miles with a bottle and not the boob.

“You no longer breastfeed?” asked one incredulous fan.

After seeing the comment on her husband John’s Instagram feed the Lip Sync Battle co-host hit back with a line that deserves an award of some kind.

“John never breastfed Miles.”

Hahaha! John never breastfed Miles!! BEST COMEBACK EVER! That silly fan should’ve known better than to come for the queen of the Gram.

“She’s so witty, I would just say ‘bitch mind your business,'” one Instagram user commented on the exchange. “This is why I’m not famous. Lol.”

To which Chrissy hilariously and honestly responded, “I say that, I just don’t type it :).”

The photo John decided to share didn’t seem to have had approval by Chrissy who was quick to tell him so. “You need to ask for photo approval you MONSTER.”

To which John hilariously responded, “I asked Luna. She said print it!”

I challenge you to find me a funnier, more down to earth couple than these two! Go on I’ll wait.


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