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Fifi Box Annouces the Birth of her Baby Daughter Called…

fifi box baby daughter name trixie

Fifi Box baby girl name

The news is in – radio show host (and a personal favourite of mine) Fifi Box has given birth to a baby daughter who she describes as ‘the most amazing thing that has ever happened to’ her.

Baby Box came into the world at 2.30pm on Friday 5th of April 2013, a little earlier than the new mum had expected.

Fifi announced her daughters arrival live on air to fellow radio presenters Hamish and Andy, and her co host Jules Lund. “What’s happened is, and you guys will find this hard to believe because you know me so well…I’ve sort of been caught off guard and I don’t have the name ready.”

Does anyone want to play a game of guess the baby name before it gets announced? Do you see Fifi choosing a traditional name, something unusual, or a crazy celebrity name like Apple, Sunday or Tiger Lily?

And from one mother to another, what advice would you give her for getting through the first six weeks with a newborn?


Fifi Box has announced the name of her new baby daughter on air to co-host Jules Lund, and her stand-in (whilst she is on maternity leave), Sophie Monk.

“I looked at her in the recovery room, and I thought – I’m not sure, it’s a way too big a decision!” said the new mum.

But after a faux drum-roll, and much anticipation from the Australian public Fifi announced, “After much deliberation, her name is Trixie, Trixie Belle!”

“Her official name is Beatrix Belle Box.”

Fifi also announced her daughter’s name on Twitter:

fifi box baby daughter name trixie

Congratulations and warm wishes Fifi Box, and welcome to the world Miss Trixie Belle Box! x





Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.

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