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Garry Lyon Reveals He Is Still In A Relationship With Billy Brownless’ Ex Wife Nicky

Garry Lyon Reveals He Is Still In A Relationship With Billy Brownless’ Ex Wife Nicky

Garry Lyon and Billy Brownless, both former AFL footballers, were at one stage best mates and their former wives, Melissa and Nicky, were good friends too. Both marriages fell apart several years ago and last year it was revealed that Lyon and Brownless’ wife were having an affair.

It’s unknown whether the affair started prior to the marriage breakdown or even if that was the cause of the couple’s breaking up.  Whatever the truth is, both men had a huge falling out with Lyon retreating from the public eye and falling into a dark depression. He spoke to veteran AFL journalist Mike Sheahan on Tuesday and opened up for the first time about his personal life.

“I’m still in a relationship with Nicky,” Lyon said. “Nicky and I are together and I’m eternally grateful she was able to support me through all of this and I’d like to think there’ll be no more interest.”

Lyon, a very private man, said he finds it “embarrassing” and “hates it” that his private life has become a circus. He was uncomfortable at various stages throughout the interview, saying he “couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting down and talking about my life”, but felt he had to as a way to move on.

Gary with ex-wife Melissa and Nicky with ex-husband Billy

“There’s obviously been a lot of pain for people I’ve been close to for a long time: my wife Melissa, my boys and Bill and his family. It’s important publicly that I apologise for what I’ve done and what I put them through. I do know that it’s been really hard for them, I genuinely acknowledge how difficult it’s been and it was hard to see them go through a lot of that, and I am really regretful of that.”

One point Lyon was adamant to make clear was that at no stage did he abandon his children. The 49 year old has three sons and says the hardest part was sitting down to explain it to them. “It’s the hardest thing in the world, everyone wants to be a hero to your kids,” Lyon said. “They’ve seen me doing what I do in the media, so I try and shield them from your emotions because you don’t want to worry them about how you’re feeling.

Inevitably I had to have that discussion. As a parent you want to protect them so you don’t want to worry them but this time I had to sit down and say, ‘Look, I’m battling with this … this is what I’m dealing with. From that first conversation to now … they’ve grown as young men, they’ve taken responsibility, they’ve supported their mother through all of this, they’ve been extraordinary.”


Photos: Google images

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal Lovevintage

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