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Kim Kardashian

It’s one of the most talked about pregnancies in recent popular culture.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two of the entertainment world’s most dynamic names, so it’s no surprise that their lovechild is big news.
Kim Kardashian
Credit: Chris McKay; Photos: AKM-GSI, INFdaily, WireImage
Adore her, hate her or have a passing interest in her, it seems everyone knows of Kim Kardashian and most have been held fascinated at the way her life has unfolded over the past couple of years in the media spotlight.
Her 72 day marriage to pro-basketballer Kris Humphries after a $10 million fully televised wedding and subsequent quickie divorce, her relationship with entertainer and entrepreneur Kanye West and what seems to be the biggest celebrity news story of 2013, her pregnancy, have all made international headlines from the trashiest mags to the hottest websites.
Kim Kardashian
Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty

Kim looked stunning at the MTV Movie Awards last month  

But it’s not a case of unwelcome media attention, Kim is the Queen of Self Promotion, and has a full-time staff of personal photographers, documenting her every Starbucks run, red carpet walk and beachy bikini frolic.
So it’s a fine line that is being crossed daily with all the talk of her pregnancy. While everyone deserves their privacy during such a personal and emotional time as this, it’s hard to look away when every detail of her normal life has been played out so publicly.
Kim Kardashian
Credit: Mike Ridewood; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline

One thing that has horrified many a mum is the fat-bashing Kim has received in recent months over her changing figure and choice of maternity wear. While I enjoy discussing what all the pretty young things are wearing as much as anyone, criticising a soon-to-be-new-mum over her pregnancy weight gain is a bit, well, below the belt.
Having said that though, most gloriously knocked-up women choose not to wear skin tight leather and sheer blouses while “with child”. They prefer not to be compared to Nanna’s best settee or a killer whale and dress accordingly.
Kim Kardashian
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty

Kim walked the red carpet at the Met Gala Ball wearing the Hudson 2 seater from Fantastic Furniture
Kim has steadfastly stuck to her usual style of clothing, sometimes eschewing maternity wear altogether for her standard fare of skin-tight mini dresses and stilettos. Really though, it’s her choice. It’s her feet that will swell up to the size of balloons with little toe balloons on the ends, not ours. Her own comfort around the precious belly area where most of us would prefer stretchy waistbands and long tops not ours.  So good luck to her.
Kim Kardashian
Credit: Us Weekly

A gorgeous (although undoubtedly photoshopped) image of Kim and her fabulous baby belly
A lot of the images of Kim are clearly digitally enhanced, (both enlarged AND reduced) either by her personal photography staff or by the magazines themselves so it’s hard to know what she really looks like. But here’s the thing. Is it really any of our business, even though it is constantly in the headlines?
No, not really.
Maybe it’s time Kim stood up (give her a minute, she is 7 months pregnant after all), spoke out and asked for a little time out. Take her brand off the air for a while. Stop Tweeting and Instagramming everything. It won’t stop the paparazzi from following her every move, but it will give her a moment of much needed peace.
She’s not going to get much of it once baby Kimye arrives!
Kim Kardashian

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