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Paris Jackson Talks For The First Time About Her Dad’s Death

Paris Jackson, the 18 year old daughter of music legend Michael Jackson, has opened up for a Rolling Stone interview where she has made some very startling admissions.

During the interview the teen talks about depression, drugs and her many attempts at committing suicide. Jackson revealed she was sexually assaulted by a stranger at 14 years old which led to her spiralling into depression.

She says, “I don’t wanna give too many details. But it was not a good experience at all, and it was really hard for me, and, at the time, I didn’t tell anybody.”

Her father’s death is also something she has many questions about and believes it was all a set up to have him killed. Jackson absolutely blames Dr. Conrad Murray – who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in her father’s death – for getting the singer hooked on the anesthetic drug propofol that ultimately killed him.

Jackson says she believes people out there wanted him dead. “He would drop hints about people being out to get him,” she says. “And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna kill me one day.'”

Interestingly, Lisa Marie Presley told Oprah Winfrey of a similar conversation with Michael, who expressed fears that people were out to blackmail him to get at his half of the Sony/ATV music-publishing catalog, worth hundreds of millions.

So does Jackson believe her dad was murdered? “Absolutely,” she says. “Because it’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bullshit, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bullshit.”

There were many people that may have wanted the late singer dead and it sounds like the teen has bigger plans to uncover the mystery surrounding his passing.  “A lot of people people wanted him dead. Of course I want justice,” she says. “I definitely do, but it’s a chess game. And I am trying to play the chess game the right way. And that’s all I can say about that right now.”

Those close to Jackson say that out of all his kids she is the most like him. The pop icon’s death affected Jackson greatly and she says that although time has passed he will always be with her in some way.

“They always say, ‘Time heals,'” she says. “But it really doesn’t. You just get used to it. I live life with the mentality of ‘OK, I lost the only thing that has ever been important to me.’ So going forward, anything bad that happens can’t be nearly as bad as what happened before. So I can handle it.” Michael still visits her in her dreams, she says: “I feel him with me all the time.”


Photos: Google images

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal is a writer and blogger who loves nothing more than watching back to back episodes of crime shows. Should she ever find herself needing to cover up a crime, she'll know exactly what to do! Her dream is to one day live in Palm Springs where she can do her writing poolside while drinking endless gin and tonics. Mum to the cutest twin boys in the world, she loves nothing more than the sound of their laughter (usually heard when they're conspiring against her). Entertainment writer and pop culture junkie, she will be bringing you all the celebrity gossip and news that your brain can handle. You can follow her blog at and on Instagram at Chrystalovevintage

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