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What I Want My Children to Know About Adam Goodes


My feed is full of people debating whether or not Adam Goode’s is a wan*$er. While it probably goes without saying to anyone that knows me that I stand with Goode’s on this one, I think we should all be able to agree that booing at the football is an ugly practice, no matter who it is aimed at. Whenever I’ve been at a game and heard that sound of 60,000 people rain down hatred on one man, I have cringed at how awful it is and was ashamed to be a part of that crowd. It’s an ugly display of hate on a very large scale, and I don’t care who the player is, they should never have to be victim to that.
I’ve never said anything about my opinion of booing before, and probably a lot of people who think like me haven’t either. And I thank Goode’s for having given the issue some spotlight. Hopefully the next time people go to boo at a game they will reconsider.
One of the things I admire about Goode’s is that time and time again he stands up against the crowd and tells them what he thinks, no matter how big the backlash. People say he is a sook, and he should toughen up, but I don’t think he should toughen up at all. In fact, he should do everything he can to stay soft – to keep that big brave heart of his from turning tough and hard and cold.
Whenever you see public debate over an issue like this, you can usually boil the two sides down to the lovers and the haters – in fact, in life, a lot of the time controversy boils down to love/compassion versus fear/hate (refugee’s anyone?) So if you find yourself on the hating side in this debate, maybe you need to ask yourself why? And remember that babies aren’t born hating anyone. It’s not supposed to be our first instinct. That’s something you learned.
I try to teach my kids to choose love over hate every time. And I will tell them that Adam Goode’s is a hero, for being soft in the face of hate. For standing up to the haters. For staying true to himself. For never choosing the easy option and letting his fears decide for him, and for never fading back into the shadows like a good little black boy.

Author: Melanie


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