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Master the Secrets of the French and Stay Slim Like a Parisienne.

stay slim like french parisienne

Put a little French in your diet and stay slim like a Parisienne.

In France, time-tested food wisdom, health and pleasure will never be overruled by modern fads that never work. Facts backed by modern research show French women might be right: they stay slim and fit. It’s called the French Paradox.

What is exactly the French Paradox theory? It refers to the low rate of diet-related diseases (weight issues, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases) in France despite the diet being rich in saturated fat and other supposedly harmful foods. In fact ‘only’ 35% of the French population is obese or overweight compared to more than 65% of Australians. They not only stay slim but also enjoy one of the lowest levels of heart diseases of all western countries and live longer, healthier lives. Impressive stats, isn’t it?

The good news? You don’t need to live in France to reap the benefits of the French art de vivre, weight loss being one of the most rewarding outcomes of positive and happy eating inspired by the French attitude to food! Real food, traditions, lifestyle is the secret formula. Simply apply these 30 easy rules: your waistline, your heart health and your skin will thank you for it.

Eat real, local, fresh, unprocessed food: the most important rule to stay slim like the French.

Love your gut:

Good bacteria from fermented food (yogurt, sourdough, pickled vegetables) are critical to your health.

Eat carbs but only the good ones (whole grains, oats, beans, veggies, nuts) to prevent binge eating, boost your energy, improveyour mood and stay slim.

Eat fat to lose fat:

Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, key to speed your metabolism.
Snack ONLY if you’re hungry. Not because you’re bored, stressed, or you’ve just seen an ad for a chocolate bar. If you’re hungry, snack but not too much.

Eat cheese every day but raw milk cheese only, fantastic digestive aid rich in calcium, protein, healing fats.

Eat croissants but not every day:

A croissant is a treat.

No deprivation or you die!

Shop in season at your local farmers market to add variety to your diet.

Worship water to lose weight, feel great and maintain a glowing skin as you get older. Filtered or mineral water only.

Say No to all fruit juices (sugar bombs), so-called energy drinks and sodas (super toxic). During meals, drink only filtered water (or one glass of good quality red wine).

Walk, walk, walk:

Yes the French walk a lot, more than 10,000 steps a day (use ‘Moves’, this terrific app to track your moves every day).

Ditch ALL products labelled as low fat, natural, healthy: 99% of them are full of nasties.

Eat yourself sexy with lots of berries and leafy green every day. They’ll over perform your most expensive anti-ageing cream.

Never drink alcohol without eating food. Think red: red wine (1 glass a day).

If you indulge too much at one meal, eat soup and yoghurt for dinner for 2 days.

Never go for second best:

It’s about quality not quantity. Always.

Have 3 meals a day. Not 2, not 6.

Set and respect meal times:

You will be hungry for each meal and will enjoy each of them.

Enjoy dessert every day, not too much. Only go for the very best for maximum pleasure: you’ll never feel deprived.

Get addicted to green salads. At each meal or at least once a day, the best way of eating more plant-food to stay slim. With a dash of super healthy/yummy home-made dressing: lemon juice, Dijon mustard and organic olive oil only.

Prepare and cook your meals with love. Never over-cook foods, it’s a crime.

Sit at a table to eat, always. Never eat on the go. Never.

Slow down, put your fork down between each bite. Yes, do it.

Chew, chew, chew and chew again. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth.

Share and enjoy your meals with your loved ones.

Respect food. Food is an art.

Make food your friend, not your enemy: there is no guilt in eating, only pleasure, joy and beauty.

Make it beautiful:

Freshness, quality, seasonality, seasoning, flavour, texture, visual variety, colour and presentation all contribute to your pleasure.

Be present, don’t eat like robots, mindlessly or just because you need to eat.

So now it’s your turn. Apply one tip a day, remember to enjoy every single minute like the French and stay slim. After 30 days, celebrate! As Napoleon said “Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it.” Santé (To your Health)!


 Yves Calmette is a French/Australian nutrition coach, award-winning health promotion expert and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador. His approach is based on a century of family expertise and on the French Paradox theory backed by modern research. His goal is to set you up for life to get healthy, slim and look younger while eating for pleasure just like the French do. Visit his website and get his FREE mouth-watering ‘5 Cheat Super Foods Guide’ here.

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