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Tarot Reading – Choices & Decisions to be Made

tarot reading - choices and decisions

This Week’s Tarot Reading with Jackie Roper

I’ve found that readings that start with a Chakra card are very self-oriented & change focused, this week is no exception, lots of change & lots of letting go.


The appearance of a Chakra card always calls for a little attention to the self, so it’s all about you!
The Base or Root Chakra is the energy centre at the base of the spine & is focused around earthly issues such as food, shelter, safety, money & the physical body. So it’s all about the most basic needs, when we let go of our first world problems we can be grateful & thankful for what we do have & tend to take for granted.
So take some time this week to be grateful for the roof over your head, the food in your cupboards & the safety of the country we live in. Thank your physical body for its health by treating it to a massage or try some yoga to stretch out those muscles.


There is a lot of change around at the moment, the emerging changes are not random, they are all part of a larger positive scheme, take note of seemingly bizarre co-incidences or connections.
Significant changes & choices must be made, there are a lot of demands on you right now but you need to stay flexible & focused & know that you have the ability to juggle them all. You have help from friends & advisers at hand, listen to the advice of people you trust.
This card is the change & movement card but you cannot move forward until these important decisions have been made, as hard as it seems right now, as busy as you are take the time to sit & think quietly, consider your choices, consider the advice & focus on the future you want to create.


This card represents emotions & it reminds us that nothing is ever still, everything changes. In traditional tarot this card is the Moon, which as we know is always moving, rotating though light & darkness.
You are at a point in your journey when you need to face your fears & look into the dark shadows of your soul & confront what you have avoided & by doing so letting go & moving forward into the light.
Face your fears, accept past hurt & trauma, have good cry & let it go. I believe that each tear we cry is pain leaving our soul, so let them fall, tears are such a beautiful cleansing. Keeping our pain locked away within just eats away at our happiness & destroys the future.


This week definitely requires more than a little naval gazing! You are being asked to self-obsess, focus on your own needs. Moving into the future you want will require making some tough decisions & letting go of the past. So get a massage, chat to your girlfriends & cry on shoulders if that is what it takes to move into the life you want.


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