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Your Brain Matters 21 Day Challenge – Final Thoughts


As you know last month Chrystal and I pledged 21 days to become more brain healthy as part of the Your Brain Matters initiative by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Sounds a bit full on, right?

Well, actually it was great fun, and it really highlighted for me, the areas in my life that I wasn’t giving enough attention e.g. making time for friends, and getting enough sleep were probably the top of that list, along with spending time on a hobby.

As a busy mum of three, it has become almost second-nature to make excuses not to spend the extra effort and time on doing things for myself. Seriously? When did this start happening without me even realising it. No wonder I’ve felt so exhausted for…I can’t remember not feeling worn out actually!

But Chrystal is 100% right when she said at the Your Brain Matters Trivia Night “When you become a mum you put yourself second, [but more likely you’re even further down the chain than that, behind your partner too] but in order for you to look after your family you really need to be first.”


The #Yourbrainmatters Trivia night was so much fun. Chrystal and I caught up with Amanda from Real Mums, and although we didn’t win (we should have listened to Amanda more actually but don’t tell her I said that) the social interaction mixed with the mental workout made for a fabulous evening.

my brain matters trivia

In fact, I can see now that making the time for brain healthy activities such as exercise, drawing, reading, socialising and getting more sleep over the last few weeks has had an overall positive effect on my emotional and mental well-being. I feel less stressed and the anxiety levels are the best they have been in quite sometime! Who would have thunk it, eh? Making the effort to fit me-time into my lifestyle isn’t just an excuse to have some time to myself, it actually has health benefits! (Benefits that have a direct knock-on effect for my family too, let’s remember.)

So for myself, and for my family, I intend to continue to incorporate these activities into my daily life. We all want to be happier and healthier after all – and set a good example for our little people.

But don’t worry – I promise not to subject you to any more vlogs of me dancing while I fold the washing!

For more information and inspiration on ways you can improve your brain health visit



Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.

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