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Former My Kitchen Rules contestant Mick spills the beans on the secrets of the show.

Former My Kitchen Rules contestant Mick has revealed that all is not as it seems on the show, spilling some behind the scenes secrets.

“As far as I’m concerned, at least six of the couples in my series were simply there for entertainment and knew they wouldn’t go the distance,” says Mick.

“When my daughter was getting married, they told me I’d be able to go home for a week but I wasn’t allowed to tell the contestants. It just so happened that we got ousted a week before the wedding, went home for the wedding, and a week later we were rung up to go back on Comeback Kitchen! It just seemed very convenient.”

Mick says that the judges are often served cold meals and although it doesnt affect the scores, he says that the judges are often told what to say through an earpiece and there were times that they would get their ‘lines’ wrong and have to re-do them.

He says the high-pressure cook-offs make it look like if they run out of time, they serve what they have ready but these are often ‘frozen in time’ to let contestants finish cooking their meals.

“The clock stopped on quite a few occasions when the cameras weren’t rolling,” says Mick, who left the show feeling bitter.

Mick claims that the majority of contestants don’t even know how to cook!

“Some contestants can’t even heat baked beans without spoiling them. I’d say 90 per cent of the recipes you see are from books”.

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Jess Harris

Jess Harris

Hi, I’m Jess. Mum of 3 kids, happy wife and self-confessed gossip queen. I have a background in media and this is where my love of all things celeb began. Being a mother myself I understand we don’t always have time to sit down, have a cuppa and catch up on the latest breaking gossip stories – this is where I come in!

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