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Lynette Bolton Launches Movement to Encourage Kindness

TV personality and mother of two Lynette Bolton has started her passion project called the twenty dollar movement. It is urging people to perform random acts of kindness with the goal of putting a smile on the face of 50,000 strangers before the end of the year.

Lynette says she is determined to make seasonal feelings of goodwill and generosity last all year long.

“Hopefully the ripple effect from this can start to counteract some of the awful stuff that is going on in the world,” she said.


Lynette said people were encouraged to perform a random act of kindness for someone to the maximum value of $20.

They would then post a photo on Instagram with the tags #thetwentydollarmovement and @thetwentydollarmovement and pass the baton to one or more of their friends within 48 hours.

“We have already tagged 7000, which is mind-blowing,” she said.

If we can just do a few nice things then hopefully we can build a kindness legacy for our kids.”

Lynette and her husband, former AFL player Jude Bolton, will launch the campaign on Monday, January 11.

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Jess Harris

Jess Harris

Hi, I’m Jess. Mum of 3 kids, happy wife and self-confessed gossip queen. I have a background in media and this is where my love of all things celeb began. Being a mother myself I understand we don’t always have time to sit down, have a cuppa and catch up on the latest breaking gossip stories – this is where I come in!

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