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Who are the secret round contestants on My Kitchen Rules?

A secret round on MKR? What’s going on??

If you saw last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, you would have seen that there is going to be a third ‘secret round’ of instant restaurants – headed by chef Colin Fassnidge.

Just who are these new contestants? Here’s the down-low:

Katie and Nikki - NSW
Katie and Nikki – NSW

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

Katie and Nikki are representing New South Wales and while they study at University and work as promo girls in their spare time, they both work in butchery for their day job. Nikki is a pro at cooking Croatian food and Katie is good with knives. The two met at Uni and bonded over their love for food.

Drasko and Bianca
Drasko and Bianca – WA

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

A keen interest in cooking brought this couple together. Bianca was about to relocate to London when she met Drasko so he had to work fast to win her heart. Drasko was born in Serbia and Bianca has a background of Portugese and Burmese. They are very competitive and love using Chilli in their cooking.

Jane and Emma - VIC
Jane and Emma – VIC

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

These high school friends and flatmates certainly are one odd couple. Jane is a lawyer who is very organised and highly strung and Emma is a laid-back advertising executive who rarely does the dishes! They dont enjoy spicy foods.

Lynn and Tony - QLD
Lynn and Tony – QLD

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

Lynn and Tony from Queensland are South African and have an interesting story of how they got together. A former restaurant manager, Lynn asked Tony to move out of her way and when he wouldn’t, she threw a cheeseburger at his face! It took seven proposals before she agreed to marry him. He loves comfort foods and she has something in common with Judge chef Pete Evans – Paleo. They say their weakness is time management which will make for an interesting instant restaurant!

Rob and Dave - QLD
Rob and Dave – QLD

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

Another Queensland team – Rob and Dave have been friends for 21 years and enjoy fishing and hosting family dinner parties. These self-employed Dads like to cook from scratch and have passed on their love of food to their kids who often ring them for cooking advice. They love Italian flavours and desserts are their weakness.

Will and Steve - NSW
Will and Steve – NSW

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

British-born Will and Steve were both recently made redundant and thought it was a great time to apply for MKR! They both moved to Sydney in the same month to work for the same investment company. One day Steve shared his gourmet tuna sandwich with Will and they became friends. They love cooking, food and soccer (or football as they call it), and enjoy great British dishes with a twist.

Jess Harris

Jess Harris

Hi, I’m Jess. Mum of 3 kids, happy wife and self-confessed gossip queen. I have a background in media and this is where my love of all things celeb began. Being a mother myself I understand we don’t always have time to sit down, have a cuppa and catch up on the latest breaking gossip stories – this is where I come in!

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