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Tarot Reading – Speed, Wisdom & Light

Good Morning Mums Loungers, there are some pretty powerful & positive energies around this week!

Good Morning Mums Loungers, there are some pretty powerful & positive energies around this week!


This amazing spiritual card is all about speed, light & movement but most importantly it heralds an ending to delays. The conditions around you are now ideal for you to head towards your dreams & goals, luck is on your side.
You are in a state of manifestation, of bringing into reality your dreams & goals.
Take advantage of this time of perfect energy, go with it! This remarkable energy is thrusting you forward, let go of control & allow all you have visualised for yourself come to be.


This card heralds the arrival of a teacher, someone is coming forward into your life to share their knowledge & to ask you to seek your inner knowing & eventually do the same for another. You are ready for this person in your life, someone offering guidance & inspiration, reminding you that you are a spiritual being, teaching you how to share your gifts & reconnect with your joy.
Perhaps this card is asking you to be active in reaching out & finding a group or organisation of like-minded people. Be that a mums group, walking group, book club or a meditation circle. It is time for you to seek out kindred spirits, find some inspiration from others, to live your life to your fullest potential.


This is one of my favourite tarot reading cards!
The card of Light is telling us that no matter what has been happening around us the prosperity & bliss that you have been dreaming of it actually promised & on its way!
This card is about pleasure, happiness, joy & illumination. It is your moment to shine, to step out of the shadows & into the light. Your inner radiance is just waiting for you to let the world see it.
The power of light is that it illuminates & it will uncover paths before you that could not be seen in the dark. Using the awesome power of positive thoughts& thinking about joy will keep that light shining bright. Remember that what you emit you attract, so by putting out positive light filled energy you will attract that into your life.
I am a firm believer in positivity & keeping my thoughts in a place of light, it is not always easy but always worthwhile. So let your inner light shine, it is always warm & beautiful.


It is a great week to walk confidently into the future you have created, the energy around is pushing you forward into the light. You are both the student & the teacher this week allowing your inner light to shine forth & show you a new way forward! Such a beautiful surge in energy, enjoy the light on your face.
Next week I will on a family road trip, back on October 13th. Blessing until then.xx

For a personal tarot reading please contact me on [email protected] or join my growing positive community on .


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