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This week on HOME AND AWAY….

Police find the duffle bag of money at Angelo’s. Spencer takes his planning of the fundraiser a bit too far. Phoebe’s stalker breaks into her room.

Andy tries to force Hannah to talk to him about their break-up – will she listen? Oscar is worried that Maddy is pushing herself too much.

Hannah starts to feel some sensation in her legs again. Sasha and Matt decide to spend the night in the Diner. Maddy decides to return to school, despite her illness. VJ lashes out at everyone as he struggles to cope with Leah’s absence.

After spending the night with Matt, Sasha misses her tutorial and may fail her assignment. Ryan attacks Phoebe. Zac agrees to let Maddy go back to school. VJ finds a healthy outlet for his anger over Leah’s illness.

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Jess Harris

Jess Harris

Hi, I’m Jess. Mum of 3 kids, happy wife and self-confessed gossip queen. I have a background in media and this is where my love of all things celeb began. Being a mother myself I understand we don’t always have time to sit down, have a cuppa and catch up on the latest breaking gossip stories – this is where I come in!

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