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My Kitchen Rules 2017 – Meet the Teams!


My Kitchen Rules 2017 – Meet the Teams!

Eighteen teams will battle it out for the $250,000 prize on My Kitchen Rules this year. After the first two groups have had their go presenting their Instant Restaurants, they will be shocked to learn that there will be a third group also having a crack.

Amongst the teams this year are the first Lebanese team, and teams with Vietnam, Laos, Indian and Cantonese cuisines, and “the year of the pickle.”

A mystery judge will join Pete Evans, Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge this year with Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan as guest judges.

We are particularly loving some of the creative team names, although some are not so inspired.

Here are the 2017 teams!

Group One:

David and Betty – “Just Friends” from NSW

MKR David and Betty

Hailing from Sydney’s western suburbs, SMB category manager David, 32, and social media influencer Betty, 27, might be #justfriends but they’re hoping to go all the way in the competition.

“We’re like brother and sister and we’re going to stand up for each other no matter what happens.”

Karen and Ros – “Midwives” from Victoria

MKR karen and ros

Karen, 50, and Ros, 55, have been best friends and midwives for more than 20 years. With three and four adult children respectively, these Melbourne mums enjoy a shared passion for their families, their work, keeping fit, the footy, cooking… and champagne.

“The competition better watch out cause the midwives are here to deliver!”

Bek and Ash – “Flirty Flatmates” from Western Australia

MKR Bek and Ash

Bek, 27, and Ash, 30, are best friends from Perth who confess their favourite two T’s are tea and Tinder.

“We’ve swiped left, we’ve swiped right and now we’ve got our game faces on.”

Tim and Kyle – “Pub Mates” from South Australia

MKR Tim and Kyle

Adelaide best mates Tim, 30, and Kyle, 27, bonded over their love of beer, beards and food. Bartender Kyle works to live, not lives to work, while Tim works in advertising sales but has quit his job to pursue his real passion – food. They describe their cooking style as Modern Australian hunter gatherers.

“We came here to win!”

And also to kiss flirty flatmates.

Amy and Tyson – “Serious Siblings” from Queensland

MKR amy and tyson

Brisbane siblings Amy, 29, and Tyson, a 26 year old Uber driver, are out to prove they’re anything but average cooks.

“We call Tyson the angry, angry man because he can get quite hot headed very quickly,” says Amy. “We don’t suffer fools. People say I’m really tough.”

Or as Tyson puts it bluntly, “You’re a bitch.”

I think we’ve found our Group One Villians, you guys.

Damo and Caz – “Tassie Sweethearts” from Tasmania

MKR Damo and Caz

Proudly taking on the mainlanders are Tassie sweethearts Damo, 30, and Caz, 30, who are parents to two energetic young boys. Damo is a sparky at the local hospital, while Caz is a social worker, working with children and young people.

“We will really push the local produce. We can’t wait to show Australia what Tassie’s got.”


Group Two:

Albert and Dave – “Brothers” from New South Wales

MKR albert and dave

Brothers Albert, 35, and Dave, 28, from Sydney’s northwest are hoping to show everybody that Cantonese cuisine is the best. The boys are originally from Hong Kong but moved to Australia as children.

“Our hope is to deliver authentic Cantonese cuisine. Otherwise, mum will not be happy”

Kelsey and Amanda – “Sisters” from New South Wales

MKR Kelsey and Amanda

From a family of five sisters come southwest Sydney siblings Kelsey, 22, and Amanda, 36, who want to liven up the competition with their unique approach to life.

“We’re going to show the other teams that we’re not bimbos and they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

I feel like I can hear them already.

Court and Duncan – “Married Hipsters” from Victoria

MKR Court and Duncan

Happily married Melbourne couple Court, 29, and Duncan, 34, love cooking and they love their fur baby Ted, an English staffy.

“I’m the king of protein,” says Duncan, a project manager.

“And I’m the salad ninja,” says Court, a designer.

“I grew a beard and wore a nine dollar flannel before it was cool, before it was hipster.”

OMFG, spare me.

Josh and Amy – “Seafood Lovers” from Western Australia

MKR josh and amy

Married seafood lovers from Broome, Josh, 25, and Amy, 26, plan to put their money where their mouth is, promising the best seafood the competition has ever seen.

“Most of my skills in the kitchen are self-taught. When it comes to the preparation and cooking of seafood, I would beat a five star chef. Our seafood that we put on for people is better than restaurant quality.”

Bring it, kid.

Della and Tully – “Foodie Friends” from Queensland

MKR della and tully

Brisbane foodie friends Della, 30, and Tully, 30, can’t wait to show everybody what they can do. Della is a Maltese construction lawyer and Tully has a rewarding career in indigenous health.

“People say we’re a bit of an odd combo, but that’s ok… we are!”

Alyse and Matt – “Ambitious Newlyweds” from Queensland

MKR alyse and matt

Ambitious newlyweds Alyse, 30, and Matt, 37, are betting on backing a winner – themselves! The married couple from Brisbane, who live with their dog, three cats and four chooks, have been competing in fashions on the field for the last eight years.

“The word loser does not come into our vocabulary.”


Group Three

Mark and Chris – “Footy Friends” from Victoria

MKR mark and chris

Footy loving best mates from Melbourne, Mark, 32, and Chris, 33, met in high school and admit they don’t take themselves too seriously. The duo liken the stress of cooking on MKR to playing footy, which they’ve done together for a number of years.

“My nonna will be spitting chips if I stuff up pasta.”

Caitie and Demi – “Besties” from Victoria

MKR caitie and demi

Melbourne besties Caitie, 22, and Demi, 22, are the youngest team in the competition and are both studying marketing at university. The girls met in Year 7 during Food Tech and quickly became friends after realising they shared a similar sense of humour and a passion for fashion.

“Caitie loves Italian food, I love Japanese and we love bringing those ingredients together to serve fashion food.”

“Fashion food is food that looks pretty and delicate and could be put on the cover of a magazine.”


Lama and Sarah – “Cousins” from South Australia

MKR lama and sarah

MKR’s first Lebanese team, Adelaide cousins, Lama, 34, and Sarah, 33, are set to bring Middle Eastern fire to the table. The passionate duo have done almost everything together and enjoy the exciting things in life like skydiving and motorbike riding.

“Hommus is where the heart is!”

Brett and Marie – “First Loves” from Queensland

MKR Brett and Marie

Brett, 35, and Marie, 38, are a loving husband and wife team from Brisbane.

“Marie was my first love,” says Brett. “The first time I laid eyes on her I was just in awe but then she took off overseas. Years later we hooked up again and it was like we’d never left each other.”

“We both have a child from previous relationships and then we decided to add one more,” says Marie of their modern family of five.

“There’s no prizes for coming second in life.”

Valerie and Courtney – “Mother and Daughter” from Queensland

MKR valerie and courtney

Brisbane mother and daughter team, Valerie, 61, and Courtney, 29, are set to spice things up. “If the food’s a bit bland, the chillies come out,” admits Valerie, a real estate agent who has been married to husband Errol for 40 years.

“You’ve never seen food like ours.”

Mell and Cyn – “Business Women” from New South Wales

MKW Mell and Cyn

Sorry, first let me get this out of the way.

romy and michele

Wollongong business women Mell, 40, and Cyn, 42, are planning on success.

“We’re definitely here to win,” says Cyn, who acknowledges that people can be intimidated by how confident and successful she and good friend Mell are. They describe their entertaining style as “high class”.

“When people first meet us they tend to judge us as pretentious, stuck up cows. That’s their problem, not ours. I don’t really care what people think about me.”

I think we’ve also found our Group Three Villains!


My Kitchen Rules returns to our screens on Monday, January 30th.

Images: Channel Seven

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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