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Offspring S6E4 Recap – “Fallout”


Offspring S6E4 Recap – “Fallout”

In this very well-named episode, the Proudman family finally begin to come to terms with their feelings about Darcy’s death. Nina deals with the events following her encounter with Franklin, and Jimmy realises who the buyer of his taqueria is. The Proudmans also welcome back a much-missed family member who brings some stability to the family.

Nina wakes, only to be bombarded with the reality of the night before – along with Billie’s questions. She wants to know it all – how was sex with Angus?

Nina Offspring

N: I didn’t have sex with Angus.
B: Yes you did, I spoke to you late. In the bathroom. You said “I’m going home with Angus”. In an immediate sense.
N: And then I went home with Franklin.
B: Who’s Franklin?
N: Exactly.
B: Where was Angus?
N: In the bar, right there, watching me go home with Franklin. I’m not sure if that’s his first name or his last name.

But that’s not all, while in the Uber, Nina accidentally fumbled with her phone and replied to Angus’ texts with a thumbs up. Ooh dear.

Nina meets new brother Will-who-writes-wills for a coffee and it’s all awkward because Franklin is his work mate. In typical brother-style, he makes Nina squirm a bit about the night before, then tells her the news that he bought the taqueria from Jimmy to keep it in the family – but under his company name so Jimmy doesn’t know it was him. Nina tells him that that was a very bad idea and to sell it on so as not to hurt Jimmy, who is still broken from his father’s death.

Offspring Will
Will-who-writes-wills is just getting creepier

In other news, Mick has returned from London and Billie is thrilled to see her husband again after three weeks apart.

Mick Offspring
Soo good to see Mick

Back at St Francis, Nina sees Angus for the first time since she left him at the bar performing his dolphin joke for a couple of ladies. She tries to explain that she left him there because he was flirting with other women and he counters that she was in the bathroom for 30 minutes and he got bored.

Angus Offspring

He is pissed. They resume their conversation in a handy supplies room where they discuss the situation in full. We get the impression that Angus was hurt by Nina leaving him in the bar but Nina tries to brush it off, requesting that they just forget the whole thing. She tells him that she saw who Angus was when he was flirting with those two women and is grateful that they did not take their relationship any further as she can see exactly who he is.

N: You are NOT going to add me to your list of conquests!
A: Which particular planet are you on? The only person who did any conquering last night was you!


The hospital has hired some professional photographers to take portraits of the staff to use on their promotional material. While in the queue awaiting their turn, Nina inadvertently tells Cherie, Kim and Elvis about her evening before – sex with a stranger. It just kind of fell out of her mouth. She immediately regrets telling anyone.

Jimmy is driving through the city with his father’s ashes belted in the front seat when a lady straight up jumps in his car at the traffic lights.

Jimmy Uber Offspring

Jimmy Offspring
I’d be pretty confused if Boomer climbed in my car with her shopping too.

Turns out she has mistaken Jimmy for her Uber driver as he nodded at her at the lights and she made the wrong assumption while on her phone. Jimmy takes this as a sign from his late father that this might be the career path he’s been looking for.

Back to the staff photos and Nina is wondering if maybe she’d misjudged Angus after all. “Nup”, she thinks, “he’s a pantsman. And you almost fell for the charm.”

Just as well she didn’t board Angus’ flirt train!

But then, Leo appears on the photographer’s laptop reinforcing his message to her.

Leo Offspring

L: This is what you do, Nina. This is EXACTLY what you do. You went on a date with a pantsman, and you got annoyed with him for being a pantsman so you went home with some guy you didn’t even know, just to teach him a lesson. You can’t commit. Stop trying to control who we are by labelling us, under P for pantsman or B for boring in bed. You’re looking for the one who you can’t label, who defies all your tricks and reasonings. But guess what? He doesn’t exist! Because, spoiler alert, the only people who exist in the real world are real people.
N: Franklin seems nice.
L: Good luck with that.

Leo’s computerised disembodied head speaks the truth and Nina doesn’t like it so she slams the laptop shut, startling everyone in the room. She apologises, excuses herself dramatically and stomps away.

Mick and Billie try to steal “two minutes” to get it on as they’ve missed each other.

Mick and Billie
this is what parenthood is like.

They attempt to get their freak on in various positions around the house before the doorbell interrupts them just as Mick undoes his pants.

It’s Jimmy!

Jimmy and Mick
Don’t talk about the boner. Don’t talk about the boner.

Back to the staff photos again. Nina looks uncomfortable in her photos until Zara tells her to think about the hot sex that she had last night. “Yes! That’s IT!”, the photographers exclaim.

Nina Sex Face
Sex face makes the best face!

Geraldine wants to escape to Amsterdam and has booked a flight but has decided to stay with Marjorie overnight before heading to the airport the next day. They drink wine and smoke joints and sing and dance and generally look as though they are going to get it on. The next morning, Geraldine reveals that she doesn’t want to go to Europe without Darcy and Marjorie offers to let her stay at her (pretty awesome, actually) place for two weeks where they will have a stay-cation, order in booze and food and pretend that she’s overseas for the two weeks that her family are expecting her to be gone. This is just what Geraldine needs, and agrees. She is starting to come to terms with his death.

geraldine and marjorie

Martin pulls Nina aside and explains that he needs her to be The Face of the hospital because her publicity photo is so good and his makes him look like a serial killer. Nina agrees to both.

martin clegg Offspring
not going to argue with that

Nina unexpectedly walks into a room to be confronted with an agitated Angus, upset that Nina has told people that she had sex with a stranger and not him. He says that Nina has him all wrong.

“I’m not a pantsman. You’re a pantslady!”

pantslady offspring

Back at Nina’s, there is a family dinner. Will has given Franklin Nina’s phone number and is sexting Nina. The texts come through while they are all sitting down together. She attempts to respond by shoving her phone down her top.

Nina Sexting Offspring
Is this really who you are now? What are you doing? Stop this!

Jimmy makes a toast that having Mick back is the closest to normal that the family has been since Darcy died. He announces his plan that he’s going to drive an Uber to help make money for the family. This is when Will pipes up with the revelation that it was he that bought the taqueria, but then quickly flipped it to a Hong Kong investor on Nina’s advice, saying that she knows all about it even though they only spoke that morning. He has managed to yield a $40,000 profit in less than 12 hours and the family urge Jimmy to take it. Jimmy is understandably upset and asks Will to leave.

dinner Offspring

Nina has given up her bed so that Billie and Mick can be together and is bunking in with Zoe. The pressure of sex in a house full of awake people is all too much though, and Billie and Mick decide to leave it until the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and get some shut eye.

Nina is woken by a text from Franklin.

Nina text Offspring
Meet Me? Am I gonna go there again?

Nina tries to decide if she is a 2am girl or not. “I can be, for tonight, anyway!” she thinks as she sneaks through her house back to her room to find something sexy to wear. Unfortunately though, while she’s in her cupboard choosing clothing, Billie and Mick wake up and get down to business, forcing Nina to try and sneak past them.

nina Offspring

She drops her phone and it interrupts the couple. Nina decides not to head out to see Franklin and sits in the kitchen with a bottle of vodka instead. Mick joins her.

Mick Offspring
the voice of reason

M: I feel like I’ve landed in a parallel universe. Darcy’s gone, Jimmy’s taking advice from his ashes. Geraldine has run away. Zara’s hiding, Billie is fostering dubious street kids, Cherie’s lost her libido, you’ve obviously found yours. Everyone’s coping in their own way. You’ve lost your anchor. You’re hurting, Nina. But I don’t think you should be worried, this isn’t the real you.
N: Isn’t it?
M: You just miss your dad.

He goes on to say that he knows Billie won’t come back to London with him because she needs her family and her family needs her. Billie enters the conversation and they agree that it will only be for six months and then they will be together again more permanently once the tour is over.

Nina decides that she will not be going out ever ever again. She isn’t a 2am girl, she’s a daytime girl, a nice restaurant girl. She has everything she needs right here with gorgeous daughter Zoe.

Zoe Offspring

Nina heads in to work…

Nina St Francis
Didn’t they only take these photos yesterday?

She thinks to herself as she walks in… “Doctor Nina Proudman, face of the future, mother of a gorgeous child, loving daughter, attentive apologetic sister, happily single, respected obstetrician.”

Martin Clegg interrupts her thoughts with the news that a patient has uploaded a video to the internet which has gone viral. Very very bad news. The hospital is in damage control.

Nina realises that she is now the face of the hospital. Her picture is on the building and everything. Shit!

Until next week!
ScreenQueen x


Images courtesy of Channel Ten.

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

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