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The Bachelorette Australia – Georgia Snaps and Kicks Out FOUR Men in One Show

The Bachelorette Australia – Georgia Snaps and Kicks Out FOUR Men in One Show

Georgia Love is a smart lady, and she’s not going to be taking anyone’s shit. Our beauty swiftly removed four of the remaining ten men on The Bachelorette Australia in one episode, weeding out the genuine contenders from the posers and the no-names in one fell swoop.

First, she took Courtney on a date to Canberra Zoo where they played with meerkats and kissed a rhino.

courtney meerkats

They ended up in a room adjoining the big cat enclosure and got up close and personal with a pair of lions. They discussed the status of their relationship again, with Georgia still questioning whether or not Courtney is interested in her.

He answers her concerns by launching himself across the couch and kissing her. She is happy with his response and rewards him with a stumpy rose.

Next up is the double date we were all warned about last week. Georgia sends a date card through to the house advising the boys that two of them will be sharing a day with her, but only one will return to the house. The men chosen are obviously Sam and Rhys and it will be a Zoolander-style modelling battle to the death.

zoolander model-off

She takes the boys to Luna Park, presumably because they are both absolute clowns.

Georgia, clearly determined to get to the bottom of this “men versus boys” bullshit that Rhys keeps bringing up, questions Rhys on the merry go round. She wants to know who is here for her, and who is here to promote their television careers.

Rhys finally appears to have some self-awareness and realises that the jig is up. He flips it all around and basically tells Georgia that he is no longer interested because she isn’t spending enough time and effort wooing him.

“Well I’m here on a two-in-one date, which brings some things up in my mind which isn’t great. If this was the outside world, I would have walked away,” he says.

Then he goes all non-committal and vague

“I’m not ready to meet ‘the one’,” Rhys tells Georgia. “Because you don’t know what’s coming. You never plan. But I’m open to anything that comes along.”

It doesn’t take Georgia long to give him the arse.

rhys the bachelorette
See ya, dickhead.

She heads over to where Sam is happily entertaining himself on the slippery dips.

sam the bachelorette

She tells him that Rhys has gone, then proceeds to get to the bottom of Sam’s caper.

It doesn’t take very long for Sam to spill his guts either.

Turns out he isn’t really a humble electrician, but a model slash actor slash tv presenter who has just signed a contract in Miami and plans to head to LA very soon. Apparently he is only in Australia to get his Visa sorted out and thought he might give reality telly a bash to pass the time and give him “a little kick to get there quicker”.

He then asks Georgia to give him some tv presenting tips on account of the fact that she’s a tv news journalist/presenter.

This kid isn’t too bright. No wonder he’s not a sparkie.

“Do you think you’re ready to find ‘the one’,” she asks him.

“Coming into this I certainly didn’t expect to find the love of my life … If I left this experience without you I wouldn’t be absolutely heartbroken,” he replies.

Right then! That’s two down!

sam the bachelorette
Adios, loser.

After a mystifying cocktail party involving craft supplies from Spotlight, there is the usual rose ceremony where it is revealed that ANOTHER two men will be leaving this evening.

Blind Freddy could easily identify who will be going, there were NO surprises.

Out of the remaining eight men – Cameron, Courtney, Matty J, Lee, Jake, Clancy, Tod(d) and Matt D, it was the latter two that were sent home.

Here are the final six.

the bachelorette au final 6
Cameron, Lee, Courtney, Jake, Matty J and Clancy

My money is on Cameron. No question.

I’m also predicting Matty J and Courtney to round out the top three. But Cameron for the win because he is just adorable in every possible way.

Who do you think will win Georgia’s heart?


Images: Channel Ten

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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