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Tarot Reading: Making Choices for Happiness

tarot reading making decisions for happiness

This Week’s Tarot Reading: Making Choices for Happiness

There are decisions to be made this week so ask for help, you are not alone.


Red bordered cards are always about the physical world & this one concerns a time of change.
There are choices to be made regarding money, a business or a project you are considering or are already involved in. You are being asked to make decisions so you can move forward, they are not easy decisions & will require a fair amount of consideration.

Stay flexible but focused. Seek advice from people you trust & make informed, rational decisions. This is not a time to just leave it to the universe to fix, it’s not a “let go & let God moment.”

Just remember that what is going on right now is all part of a larger positive scheme, nothing is random. Take note of co-incidences & connections. This is a great time, regardless of how unsettling it may feel. The energy of movement & change is around you but it always comes with opportunities, discover those & always stay focused on your goals & all will be well.


Didn’t this card appear a couple of weeks ago?

The Chakra cards appear to remind us to pay attention to ourselves. This is the first of the Chakra cards & the base in associated with the basic needs, food, shelter & safety.

Perhaps it appears for us today because we are moving into the high consumer time of Christmas, that pressure cooker of purchasing! We sometimes need to be reminded of what we already have rather that what we think we need. That some time to appreciate all that you have, gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.



Green bordered cards reflect emotions. This one tells us that our cups are about to overflow with joy, happiness & positive feelings. It is a beautiful card predicting a time of new love coming into our lives, for those already in satisfying relationships it can signify a time of renewal of that love & moving forward into a more loving stage of your relationship. Sometimes this card reflects a project you are involved in or considering.

This card signifies that it is time to open your heart to the higher vibrations of love & forgive & resolve past issues. Now is a great time to move forward, open your heart & new paths will be revealed.


The first 2 cards this week are very much based in physical/earthly issues & the final card is all about emotional love & joy. These cards all have very low numbers as well, so they all speak of early days & beginnings, this is a time when decisions have to be made if you are to move forward, be grateful for what you have but still open your heart to new opportunities & happiness.

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