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Tarot Reading: Relationships, Love & Passion

relationships love passion tarot reading

This Week’s Tarot Reading

Well last week was pretty tricky for me, as predicted, but this week looks like much more fun!


The green bordered cards are all about emotions & the Spiritual Union card relates to those emotional bonds we have with our lovers, friends, family or sometimes a business or a project we are involved with. Being a number to it relates to unions & balance.

This card is asking us to take note of how those relationships affect us, is the exchange of energy balanced? Is our receiving equal to our giving?

For relationships to function correctly & remain harmonious balance is vital & in a true spiritual union it exists clearly. Every relationship in our lives gives us the opportunity for spiritual growth.


The card of unconditional love, compassion, harmony & relationships.

Today this card appears to ask you to love yourself as you love those around you. Love, nurture & care for yourself the same way you would care for your own children. Remember that you deserve the same levels of love & care as they do.

This card asks you to express self-love & in doing so love with flow easily through you to others, be a conduit of love.


Cards with a violet border relate to spiritual growth & being a number 1 card this is the start point for a new adventure.

This is the time to let your soul soar, exciting adventures await you in your personal or business life. This is a beautiful card full of energy.

Creativity & positivity are at an all-time high. Let the positive energy you are now feeling flow though you & infect others. You have the power & the passion to create a wonderful energy around you in all areas of your life. Enjoy this time & relish in this energy.


These cards are just fantastic this week! Especially anyone embarking on a new project, throw your heart & soul into it, relish the new opportunities, adventures & challenges that lie ahead.

There is such an air of positivity about this reading, there is great energy & creativity around. Be it in business or our personal relationships these cards read for a great week ahead, positive & just fabulous!
Any reading that is all about love makes me very happy!


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