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Tips for Organising your Life



Organising your Life 

I already know that my Hubby is going to laugh at me for writing this topic. I’m widely known as being absent minded and forgetful! But I believe that knowing that about myself is a strength. This is an area that I’m constantly working on and I’ve learnt many ways to overcome my day-dreaming ways.

Being organised. Routine. I seem to thrive on it. Yes, I may be a little absent minded, but around that I manage to parent my two young kids (and no, I haven’t left either one of them at the shopping centre….yet), work part time at a radio station, demonstrate and sell the odd Thermomix, keep up with my personal blog and also write articles here on Mums’ Lounge. Not to mention the housework. Which, yes, gets relegated to the lower part of my to-do list, but seriously? I’d much rather be cooking than folding laundry!

How do I manage to keep on top of it all? I keep everything ‘front of mind’ and not out-of-sight. I utilise my phone and my diary to make sure I’m doing everything I’ve signed up for. And then I feel pretty damn good about it.

Diary – I’ve nearly always had a diary to keep a track of life. In the past I’ve had a trusty FiloFax (which are great as you only need to buy a refill at the end of the year) but the past two years I’ve gone with a yearly diary from Kikki.K. I love their designs and the diary layout.

Tip – put everything in there. Even if you don’t think you need to because you’ll remember it, just jot it down anyway. I schedule my blog posts, thermomix demos, kindy/day care days, Hubby’s mining shift work days, posts I need to write, phone calls I need to make, gym classes, birthday gifts I need to buy then another for when I needs to be sent by – everything! What I love about this particular diary is also comes with a monthly view, so I can map out things in advance. If yours doesn’t have it, you can use a calendar in the same way.

Phone – I use my iPhone for immediate reminders. Remembering to grab milk while I’m out – I’ll set a reminder in my calendar app for the time I’m at the shops, so when it beeps at me saying ‘MILK!!!’ I don’t forget.

Tip – Apps are the best invention ever – grocery shopping, that time of the month reminders (yes, I even need that!), and exercise regimes are all at the tip of your fingertips. Have a quick google and find the best recommended app for your need before downloading 10,000 first, generally there are tons of reviews out there of the best ones on the market which can cut down your time.

Menu Planning – Take one afternoon a week to plan out what you’re eating for the rest of it and include everything from Breakfasts, lunches, dinners to snacks and take-out meals. If you’ve got your menu planned then your grocery list is done too. Keep a notepad on the fridge for any household items you need to buy throughout the week as well.

Tip – If you’re on the weightless bandwagon, menu planning is a huge help and if you’ve only got whats on your menu in the kitchen there’s less opportunity for snacking and indulging.

Routine – Routine is the best way of being organised. Make a habit of doing things rather than relying on motivation. Habitually put yesterdays washing on in the morning and you won’t have to think about it after a time. Make a before school routine and an evening one and things will run smoother.

Tip – Make it public. Put your routine up on the fridge so the kids can see what’s coming up and know what to expect. It also helps them get into the habit as

If you’re on the lookout for more organising tips, head over to The Organised Housewife, Kat has some amazing tips for organising every aspect of your life, I know I’ve spent hours on her site more than once! And check out Pinterest for more ideas, it’s never ending!

I’m Daneyl, I’m a wife, mother, blogger and opera singer (but only when I’m in the shower). You can find me in the kitchen, at the piano or on Instagram (@thestrandsofme). I love chocolate, reading and learning how to be a parent to my two gorgeous cherubs. Check out my blog at


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