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This week I spent a few days in Coffs Harbour at a meditation retreat which was AWESOME! I feel like something has shifted inside me and everything feels easier to manage and I feel more present in the ummm present, Haha! And hopeful abut the future. There is a lot going on in our own personal lives and on a global scale, and it’s been tough for a lot of people as energy is shifting and moving (there are multi-purpose courts being built across the road from me as I type so the Earth is moving my house quite literally! In fact a picture fell off the wall!!)

Anyway, spending five minutes taking some deep breaths and tuning into how you’re feeling will help. Breathe into your belly, like a Buddha, then into your side ribs, and then into the back of your heart (as though your shoulder blades are separating). Feel your connection to the Earth, supporting you. Keep breathing slow and deep.

Just this simple exercise will help you feel calmer.

Also check out the monthly forecast.

A massive highpoint for me last week was teaching 15 dance students meditation for 3 hours.

zoe sheridan meditation class kids

Absolute Angels. Seriously, teaching them was a gift.

zoe sheridan angel

At times I was completely overwhelmed with how beautiful they all are, my eyes filled with tears. When people find out I teach kids meditation they’re kind of surprised.

“Wow, how do you get them to sit still? Are they into it?'” they ask.

The answer is YES! They are hungry for it. Most kids have really busy lives.

Besides school, they have sport practice, debating, music or dance lessons etc etc

On top of that they have iPods, iPads, iPhones, smart phones, Netflix etc AND then there could be pressures at school like bullying or learning difficulties.

Then there could be stuff going on between mum and dad, or literally going between mum’s and dad’s homes, and homework. It can be pretty full on!

So, to find a time and place where they can stop and tune into themselves, into their hearts is very very precious indeed. For some children it’s a relief.

Learning about chakras, energy fields, Angels, etc seems to be something they feel very comfortable with. For example, when I tell them that everything is made of energy, including our thoughts, and that our thoughts will then create our reality they are not surprised at all.

It probably makes as much sense to them as how to create a baby!!! In fact, it’s less complicated and, at their age, easier to digest!

The easy way to explain it to you is, YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY.

Just now I just had a conversation with an adult who does not agree that thoughts are energy, only the energy between your brain neurones. I tried to explain my theory to him and…failed. It seems the kids are more on my level or just very well behaved!

So let’s go with something easier and more fun!


We speak to the Universe with our thoughts and ‘energy’, our emotions. Our vibration.

The Universe responds to us, we just need to learn it’s language. Like learning Italian maybe.

It takes some getting used to, and practice of course, but you’ll be saying, ‘Prego Bello Regazzo (which means ‘Thanks Beautiful Boy’ in no time.)

The Universe responds with signs and symbols.

I bought this at the airport on route to NYC the day before Bowie passed. Perhaps he was telling us he had a secret.
I bought this at the airport on route to NYC the day before Bowie passed. Perhaps he was telling us he had a secret.

One of the ways I feel the Universe chats with me is through numbers.

When I first began noticing 11.11, years ago now, it delighted me. It was almost like a magic trick! Then I began noticing 222, or 333 etc. I would see the same sequence repeatedly OR I would see 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 000 and 1111 ALL IN ONE DAY! Ok, maybe not in that order, but still!


Back then, there was no google….I know right?!

I had to look for a book and it came to me, literally.

My friend Leon casually gave me Doreen Virtues Angel Numbers 101.

Just today I have seen 11.11, 1.11 and 888. For me this is a message from the Universe which says, keep going! You’re on the right path and money is here for you now!

888 means the gates of abundance are open and money and all you need flows to you now! Working for this Merc owner!
888 means the gates of abundance are open and money and all you need flows to you now! Working for this Merc owner!

I needed to hear that today. So, then I think, Thank you universe.

You may hear a song, find a feather, see a beautiful rainbow, run into someone who may say exactly what you needed to hear, see a kookaburra reminding you to laugh, dolphins reminding you to play.


The sign may be literal.

Once I was feeling very sorry for myself over something I couldn’t control and I drove past a restaurant called ‘Suck It Up’. It was a noodle bar.

It reminded me that what I COULD change was MY attitude and perception regarding the situation.

Last year when I was deliberating whether I could afford to go to New York, I began seeing New York stuff everywhere. I know there are NYC sweatshirts and t-shirts all over the place, but I would walk into record a Voice Over and there would be a New Yorker magazine on the coffee table or Billy Joel’s ‘New York State Of Mind’ would come on the radio, and it would be on a station I don’t listen to that was somehow magically on in my car.


(BTW, theres a song called 11.11 by Rufus Wainwright, set in Manhattan!)

If you start a conversation with the Universe it can be LOTS OF FUN!

When the Universe does respond, remember to acknowledge your sign or say thank you and you will receive more and more. It could be as simple as remembering something as 11/11 is Remembrance Day!

Numbers!Hi! This video goes with my latest blog, 11.11 (eleven eleven). Check out the blog at

Posted by Zoe Sheridan Unplugged on Thursday, July 21, 2016


If you would like to have a simple explanation of the ‘master numbers’ watch the video I’ve put up on my face book page, Zoe Sheridan Unplugged, or, of course, there is a humungous amount of info on the net.

Let me know what numbers, or signs you have seen in the comments below or on Zoe Sheridan Unplugged Facebook and you will go in the draw for a copy of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 book.

zoe sheridan angel numbers 101

Im off to Deepak Chopra in Melbourne this weekend! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Love always,

Zoe XX

Zoe Sheridan

Zoe Sheridan

Zoe Sheridan grew up the eldest of 7 children in Adelaide , South Australia. Her ambitions were to be a Doctor, DJ or ride the white horse, Nipper, in the Christmas Pageant. Zoe is a DJ and has worked in media most of her life, including radio, TV presenting, and as voice over artist. Now she secretly wants to be a singer. Zoe has two teenage daughters who live with her in Sydney. Manon is 16 and Velvet is 13. So she often finds herself saying, 'I'll think about it." Or, 'Why do I pay for your mobile phone when you never answer it?" Zoe loves life. She is a glass half full girl. Its only April, and already this year she has been to Mexico, Cuba, New York, Miami, L.A., Saint Barths and Abu Dhabi twice. This is her first time writing a column and she hopes it will last!

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