Mum’s Hilarious Take on ‘Pokémon Go’ to ‘Chardonnay Go’

chardonnay go

While the world obsesses over the new “Pokemon Go”, a mum from New Jersey, Dena Blizzard, has made her own spin on the popular app, perfect for adults.

In a YouTube Video, the mum presents “Chardonnay Go” which is a make-believe app that helps people find glasses of chardonnay around their neighborhood.

“Free chardonnay for mums everywhere!” she exclaims. “Google wants you to drink!”

The mum, who is also a comedian and fill in radio host gives parents a demonstration of how to use the app, including finding, grabbing and guzzling all the chardonnay.

Who can make the app ASAP? We’d much prefer chasing glasses of Chardonnay than Pokemon. No?


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