Kids Christmas Craft Ideas: Reindeer Burlap Gift Bag

Kids Christmas Craft Ideas: Reindeer Burlap Gift Bag

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One of the best things about Christmas is that it is a great time to say thank you to people that we might take for granted throughout the year; your postie, the school bus driver, the school lollipop lady, the school receptionist etc. The list goes on and on.

Whilst it may not be feasible to buy all these lovely people an expensive gift to express your grattitude, making a special little something for them can be done on a budget.  This year the kids and I stocked up on a whole heap of awesome craft supplies from Cheap as Chips, and have been getting creative in our gift-giving. (If you/your kids LOVE craft you will LOVE the goodies on offer at Cheap as Chips as well as the prices!)

Personally, I cannot go past a bit of burlap. I just love that down-to-earth rustic feel. So, these little burlap bags were a must-have…and as it happens they are the perfect size for gifting gingerbread cookies.

You can find our gingerbread cookie recipe here

To draw the reindeer mouth and the words ‘Thank you’ we used these fabric markers which we picked up for just $2. (These will come in handy for a craft session during the holidays with some cheap white t-shirts.)

We used a hot glue gun to attach the google eyes, pom pom nose and lolly-stick antlers to the burlap bag. (Actually, due to the heat of the glue gun, I did this stage for the kids and stuck them where I was asked!)

Tip: We used a sheet of card slipped inside the bag so that the glue from the gun didn’t seep through to the other side and seal the bag closed accidentally.



Not long to go now! Squee!

Have a great week!


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