Dangerous New Trend Sees Teens Using Superglue To Achieve Bigger Lips!

Dangerous New Trend Sees Teens Using Superglue To Achieve Bigger Lips!

The internet is a crazy and often stupid place! It’s filled with people doing the most extraordinary things that will leave you thinking ‘what the actual F?!’

Take for example the latest beauty craze sweeping the world wide web. And I use the word ‘beauty’ very loosely here as there ain’t nothing beautiful with what you’re about to see!

It all started on TikTok which by the way, I always thought was the noise a clock makes but apparently not. TikTok user @chloehammock4 shared her video, where she applies glue just above her cupid’s bow and then sticks her upper lip up to make it look fuller. She then continues to do her make up using a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick.

The video has since gone viral and has encouraged a whole swarm of impressionable teens to try it out for themselves.

Now while this isn’t the most dangerous trend we’ve seen its certainly up there with some of the dumbest!

Luckily, eyelash glue or super glue aren’t usually too harmful to the skin and can be removed with warm soapy water, lemon juice, oil or by carefully peeling the skin.

But it can cause a major allergic reaction if the skin is pulled too hard or suddenly. Plus super glue shouldn’t be anywhere near your mouth because the harsh chemicals can get into your mouth and make you quite sick.

Pharmacist, James O’Loan at www.doctor-4-u.co.uk says using super glue on your skin is both stupid and harmful.

“Super glue is not usually capable of causing serious harm to skin but it can easily damage it if not removed properly,” he explains.

“Even though it’s not hot, it is also capable of burning skin. Super glue contains cyanoacrylate which can create a reaction that leads to burning if it comes into contact with cotton clothing, tissues and certain other materials.”

“When applied to an area of skin, super glue will stick quickly and trying to pull apart skin that has been superglued together can easily cause it to tear,” he adds.

“So while it’s unlikely to cause any great danger, getting super glue on your skin can cause pain and create a messy appearance where it was applied for a temporary period.”

If you or someone you know has attempted this stupid trend and you do end up burning your skin, O’Loan advises washing the area with water and applying an antibiotic ointment and a sterile dressing.

“If glue doesn’t come off your skin within a few days, or you develop a rash or particularly large burn, then you should go see a doctor.”

Or here’s an idea…don’t super glue your lips people! The end.


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