So It Turns out That Kindergarten Homework Isn’t as Easy as We Thought!

So It Turns out That Kindergarten Homework Isn’t as Easy as We Thought!

How hard can kindergarten homework be?

Kindy kids are just starting out, and they aren’t expected to be able to read or do mathematics straight off the bat. Their home readers are full of things like “Jim sat on the mat”, and they are learning rhyming words and sounds. Easy stuff for you and me, right?

Apparently not!

I never thought I’d see the day that I struggled with anything a child of five or six would be expected to know. But then I saw this.

New York mum Royce Winnick shared a picture of her daughter’s homework, asking other parents if they could figure out the answer.

“Anybody know this answer to my daughter’s kindergarten homework?”

kindergarten homework

The subject is the letter T. The first three pictures were relatively easy, “TUB”, “TEN” and “TOP”. But what could the fourth picture be?

Twabbits? Twins? Thumpers? Tired mummy?

Unsurprisingly, no one knew. Not Ms Winnick’s family, nor any of her friends. No adult or child could figure it out.

The little girl did her best and decided to choose the word “PET”.

kindergarten homework 2

Her teacher marked it as “OK” though it was clearly not the correct answer.

The correct answer was actually “VET”.

“The real answer was ‘VET’ which makes no sense!” Ms Winnick told HuffPost.

The mum said her daughter’s homework is not usually so difficult. “But she did have another sheet similar that also had ridiculous answers,” she added.

kindergarten homework 3

“The answers to the two bottoms ones are kin and Ken!” she said. “Again, how is a 5-year-old supposed to know that?”

Good luck with that, kids! I’d like to say that it will get better, but at this rate, who knows?



Image Source: Royce Winnick


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