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Netflix Are Testing ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Content – Here Are 10 Alternate Endings We’d Like to See!

sex and the city ending

Netflix Are Testing ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Content – Here Are 10 Alternate Endings We’d Like to See!

A change might be in the works over at Netflix! The streaming service is coming up with a new, interactive way to consume their content, putting the viewer into the director’s chair and giving them control of their favourite shows by offering alternate endings.

The lives of your most-loved characters would literally be in your hands as you decide the plot via a series of alternate recordings. Just like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of our childhood, the storylines would be fluid, ready to change to suit your preference as the series is developing!

Imagine that – going back and watching your favourite series all over again, and coming up with a completely different outcome! There’d be multiple versions of the same series all ending in different ways, depending on the choices you, the viewer, had made earlier in the season.

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s president, confirmed to The Daily Mail that the company is working on making shows interactive, but didn’t go into detail.

While the first shows with this feature will reportedly be aimed at children, Netflix is experimenting with expanding it to other programs. If successful, the technology could be either applied to past hits or focus on new shows.

How utterly brilliant!!!

Here are some alternate endings that we would LOVE to see!


Actual Ending: Everyone kinda grows up and move away. Ross and Rachel finally get their shit together and confirm their relationship. Happy ever after.

Alternate Ending: Ross and Rachel break up for good after Rachel realises she’s in love with Central Perk owner Gunther. Phoebe is discovered on American Idol and becomes a superstar, moving to Hollywood with Joey. Monica and Chandler buy a house in the ‘burbs and begin a family. Ross can’t afford an apartment by himself so he moves in with Ugly Naked Guy.

new ending friends

How I Met Your Mother

Actual ending: Tracy, the children’s mother, dies of a terminal illness 6 years prior to Ted telling the children about how he met her, and then Ted ends up with Robin, his love interest for most of the series.

Alternate Ending: Tracy doesn’t die and the family gets on with their lives happily ever after. “Cool story, Dad.” Much less depressing, although perhaps a bit boring, granted.

new ending how I met your mother


Actual Ending: The foursome were sentenced to one year in jail to think about their “callous indifference and utter disregard for everything that is good and decent” over the years.

Alternate Ending: They were found not guilty and fly home to New York leaving enraged people in their wake. “So long, suckers!,” Jerry would shout as he boarded the plane, the victims of the group’s indifference left scowling and shaking their fists.

new ending seinfeld

Parks and Recreation

Actual Ending: Kinda perfect really. Everyone lives happily ever after in the most perfect way for each individual.

Alternate Ending: Andy becomes the mayor of Pawnee instead of Jerry/Larry/Garry. Come on, not so unrealistic considering Bobby Newport almost made it.

Parks and Recreation


Actual Ending: The serial killer fakes his own death by driving his fishing boat into a hurricane and becoming a lumberjack. As you do.

Alternate Ending: It was all a dream! Or, he is sentenced to death via lethal injection.

new ending dexter


Actual Ending: The passengers slowly died off, resolving their earthly issues as they passed in a flash-sideways alternate universe scenario. I dunno, I’m still confused and it’s been years.

Alternate Ending: The passengers stumble across a row of portaloos and find a production crew setting up shop on the other side of the remote island. They unite as a team on the next series of Survivor: South Pacific.

lost new ending

Sex And The City

Actual Ending: Mr Big chases Carrie to Paris and asks her to marry him. She finally gets her guy.

Alternate Ending: Carrie says “screw it all, men suck!” and decides that her girlfriends are all she needs after all. “Friendship is more important than men”, she says, while eyeing a cute man at the bar.

sex and the city ending

Dawson’s Creek

Actual Ending: Jen dies, and Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson. Hey, who could blame her? Pacey was way hotter.

Alternate Ending: Joey ends up with Dawson. And maybe Jen could not die too.

new ending dawsons creek

Breaking Bad

Actual Ending: Walter is fatally shot by his own rigged machine gun while saving his partner Jesse. He dies in the meth lab.

Alternate Ending: Walt rescues Jesse by shooting up the jail with his machine gun, then the pair make a run for the border.

Alternate Alternate Ending: They go all Thelma and Louise on that shit.

new ending breaking bad


Still running obviously, but maybe we could explore a world where Patrick didn’t die? That might be nice, yeah?

new ending offspring


What series would you like to watch with a Choose Your Own Adventure ending? 


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Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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