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Fitness Queen Ashy Bines Hits Back At Trolls Who Criticised Her For Taking a Girl’s Weekend

Fitness Queen Ashy Bines Hits Back At Trolls Who Criticised Her For Taking a Girl’s Weekend


No one questions how a father could ‘possibly leave’ his children to go and hang with his mates but it’s a different story when a mum does it. Ashy Bines was trolled recently after she left her children at home with their father while she spent 48 hours away with girlfriends. Seriously, are we still doing this?

The 33-year-old fitness queen from the Gold Coast, went away with friends for the weekend while her husband Steve looked after their daughter Tala and seven-year-old son Taj. Ash says she was so nervous leaving the kids as it was her first time but she knew Steve was more than capable to parent alone.

And while she was prepared to shed a few tears while being away what she wasn’t ready for was the barrage of negative comments from fellow parents. One message from a fellow mum read: “How COULD you leave your baby with Steve for that long? That’s so wrong.”


“I think it’s wrong for other women to think it’s wrong, send such a message and also why would I have children with someone I don’t trust? Wrong to leave my kids with their dad?” Ashy said on Instagram. “If a dad went away for 48 hours he’s never even questioned? Steve is way more than capable, he is such a great dad, he’s hands on, he’s so fun. The kids were absolutely fine.”

While the negative comments didn’t bother her that much, she was keen to start the conversation on double standards in parenting.

“I want to create awareness for mummas, and remind other mums it’s ok for you to have a life and enjoy other parts of your life not just mum life or just need a break,” she said.

“I know judgment has come flying my way leaving her for 48 hours BUT hear me out,” she explained. “I LOVE my baby but also LOVE my friends. I LOVE my baby but also love travel and variety. I LOVE my baby but also love doing fun things just for me. I LOVE my baby and fully trust and love Steve having his bonding time with the kids and can enjoy myself knowing they are happy and safe.”

Ash explained that leaving her kids was really hard and the last thing she wanted was judgement from other mums. In fact she says she “balled” her ”eyes out” at the airport when leaving.

“I’ve got this,” she said. “Feels like an arm is missing but dad is sending me loads of videos and nailing solo dad life. So lucky to have my family.”

Her response to the negative comments was designed to help elevate other mums who deal with guilt.

“Mummas let’s not project or send hate to another mum who’s doing her thing,” she said. “Might not feel right for you and that’s ok, we all do exactly what feels good for us.”

The fitness guru’s post was met with over 10,000 likes and thousands of comments like these:

“It’s amazing – filling your own cup makes you a better mum, wife, friend and person. And, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Enjoy your time away,” one person wrote.

“How dare you trust your own husband and leave your daughter with her own father. People are crazy or jealous. Enjoy your time,” added another.

One mum wrote: “How dare you leave your baby with the father, your husband for a quick little trip. The audacity of people to even comment that. You’re right, no one questions the father when he goes away for 48 hours. You’re an amazing mum and you deserve a quick getaway.”

Images: Instagram

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